My encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo – Prophet Samuel

My encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo - Prophet Samuel

The Abuja based clergy and founder of Shiloh Word Chapel, Prophet Samuel revealed one of the missing links to greatness in life, in a brief chat our correspondent had with him at his Abuja office this morning.


He said many today will not fly to the height they are ordained to reach because they don’t regard the greatness in their chosen area of calling. He emphasized that God put some men and women ahead of us in life to lead us, midwife us so that we can birth the greatness God has deposited inside us. You will miss this pivotal guard if you don’t honour, respect and regard their place in your life, ministry and calling.

My encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo - Prophet Samuel
Prophet Samuel

He specifically relayed the visionary encounter with Bishop Oyedepo ( winners chapel). The clergy said;


“Today September 10th, 2021 (Seven days to my birthday, 17th September).


I had a powerful encounter that came by way of vision night, in that vision; papa ( Bishop Oyedepo) was on a dining table with me and he said Samuel, my son, you need a fresh oil from me and in vision, he said he needed to pour oil on me again,

In that same vision, Papa Idahosa and Papa Adeboye and some other ministers I couldn’t really recognize too were present. Papa Idahosa was reading a big sized Bible, then Bishop Oyedepo roared in tongues; shortly, he said “ what branch of living faith church do you pastor now”,?

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I responded, Papa, you have forgotten that I lead a ministry now called SHILOH WORLD CHAPEL IN ABUJA.


He said kneel down, and he cried “wings of wisdom to make wealth and global healing rest on you in the order of Elijah and Elisha”.


In that same vision, I dropped a huge seed at his feet, he looked and me and he prayed and said “kings shall seek for your counsel, souls shall flood your ministry like the sand of the sea”.

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I jumped in gladness and began to give glory to God, and all the press people around were taking pictures. This same encounter happened twice between 5 am to 6 am today Friday, September 10th 2021.


You see, in whatever field of life you find yourself until you have a point of reverence, you will not be revered. Your spiritual root is fundamental to how far you will fly in the journey of life, said the clergy.

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