My kidnapping experience as a Lagos Corper

My kidnapping experience as a Lagos Corper


As a Lagos corper, you are in for enjoyment but at the same time you need to be very vigilant.

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So I went to TopCrust(My place of primary assignment)  to submit my letter and return acceptance letter to my local government. On leaving, I stayed for a long time at the bus stop, I didn’t see any bus or Korope so in order not get there late, I decides to trek to testing ground and take Ikeja. While I was trekking towards Ikeja now, I stopped a salon car  in  front of Coca-cola thinking it was a normal car, not knowing it was gbomogbomo car. After I entered, I realised the driver wasn’t carrying other people again, he kept saying he has a client waiting for him once anyone stop the car.

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On getting to testing, meanwhile I met one lady at the back seat, and a  guy in the front when I entered. So on reaching testing ground now, the lady claimed she wanted to drop, she stretched forth #500 to give the driver and then said she has a bag in the boot,  this is when the driver said someone has taken it and the woman was about to start crying that how can someone take her bag, the next thing the driver said was ” Madam, you dey lie say no clothe full your bag but I don check am, I see money there, foreign currency for that matter ”

Lagos corperHe started talking, saying he will carry the woman to police station, while this was happening, we were caught up in traffic now, the woman started crying and saying. She came from Saudi Arabia, thatch boss died and then she took 10mliilion dollars and all, the interesting part Was The guy in the front was now begging the driver that he shouldn’t take her to Police station that they would  just kill her.

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The driver  then said she will give everyone in the car $10,000 and then they asked me if I’m interested, I told them to drop me at Allen junction, the woman kept faking tears and she was like aunty help me beg him, I was just looking cos it was like Nigerian movies to me  and the driver was like I calculate the the money… That when I borrow myself brain o.


Cos I calculated the money and they were like that’s 3.6million naira now, I started speaking in tongue o.


Immediately they drop me at Allen junction, come and see speed.

I wanted to even snap the plate number, but I couldn’t.  When I dropped I felt like i was gonna die cos all my body was just shaking, I had to look for a fellow corper on the street to explain everything to.

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I had to tell my other Corp members, that is when I heard it’s a normal things in Lagos, some people even said if I had shown interested, maybe it’s at Ogun state I will meet myself.

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Please let be careful not only in Lagos but in every state, try not to wear your nysc clothe when it is not needed.


The car is a green Golf salon car, the lady dressed so tattered. I wish I was able to get the plate number.

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To be Lagos corper no easy, to survive and go to your home after one year too… You gats get brain and serve God well.


Let be careful, the year is running to an end.

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Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. She is an health freelancer, and media Manager. She is a humorous and controversial writer, who believes all form of writing is audible if it's done well. Temi Badmus specializes on indigenous food nutrient research and values. She believes in reaching out to people with health decline through articles and giving advice on good eating habit.

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