My Life as a Shy Guy – Episode 15

When I was done explaining the assignment to my course mates, they all left, leaving me alone with Sylvia in the class. We stayed silently in the class for a while before she finally spoke. 

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“Are you going home once you leave this place?” she asked “No. I’m going to the restaurant to have breakfast. I didn’t have breakfast before leaving home.” I responded “Why did you leave home without having breakfast?” she asked “I was already late when I got prepared for school” I responded “I thought you told me that you had already taken your bath when I called this morning” she said “I lied. Your call was what woke me up” She hit me playfully on my shoulder “and you made me believed you were already prepared for lecture when I called. So, if I didn’t call, you wouldn’t have gotten to school on time.” She said “I was very tired” “okay, go and have breakfast before the worms in your stomach start protesting.” She said “okay” I responded I stood up and walked to the door. I stopped halfway and turned back to face her. “Let’s go together” I said “I had breakfast before leaving home” she responded I turned in disappointment and left the class. 
I still can’t explain why I always want to have her by my side. I went to the restaurant to have breakfast. Just when I was about leaving the restaurant, my phone rang. I picked the call when I realized it was from Sharon. There is no need to be nervous. I knew what she wanted to say already. 
“Hello Sharon” I greeted “hello Christian, have you left the school?” she asked “yes, I’m on my way home” I lied “I wanted to show you something, but don’t worry, I will show it to you when I come to your place this evening for the tutorial. I hope you have not forgotten that our tutorial continue today” she said “I haven’t forgotten” I responded “okay, see you this evening then” she said “okay” I responded and ended the call. 
I left the restaurant and headed home. I lay on my bed immediately I got home and didn’t know when I slept off. The vibration of my phone woke me up hours later. I picked up immediately. “hello Sharon” “Christian I’m on my way” she said I quickly turned my gaze to the wall clock and realized it was 5:40pm already. How could I have slept this long. “okay, I’m waiting” I responded. I ended the call and sighed. I wasn’t nervous when speaking to her, but I can’t be so sure that I won’t get nervous when she finally arrives I wouldn’t want what happened the other day to repeat itself. It would be very disappointing if she comes all the way from her house and leaves without achieving her aim of coming. Maybe I should just call Sylvia and ask her to come to my place. If she’s here with me, I’m sure I won’t be nervous. I thought. I dialed her number immediately. She picked after the second beep. “hello Christian” she greeted “Sylvia, can you come over to my place” “What happened?” she asked “I want to show you something” I said. “Okay, I will be there in 20 to 25 minutes time.” she said ” okay, thank you” 
I ended the call and heaved a sigh of relief. I sat on my bed, waiting patiently for the two ladies to arrive. I prayed silently that Sylvia should get here before Sharon. I heard a knock on my door 20 minutes later. I took a deep breath and prayed it should be Sylvia. I stood up from my bed and walked to the door. I sighed and slowly opened the door to find Sharon standing at the door. I masked my disappointment with a smile. “you are here already. Please come in” I said “thank you” she responded and walked in. She didn’t sit on my bed this time. she sat on the plastic chair. “I hope you are fine now” she said “yes” I responded. “okay, let’s start then” she said and brought out her notebook from her bag. “okay” I responded I sat on the other plastic chair. While I was trying to look for the best way to start, a knock sounded on my door. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God silently. that should be Sylvia. “let me see who is at the door.” I said I stood up from my chair and walked to the door. I opened the door with smiles on my face. The smile vanished immediately I saw Joy standing at my door. 

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“Hi Christian” she greeted. “Hi” I mumbled “you left school early today. I was looking for you. I want you to help me with the assignment that was given to us today. I have to come to your house since I didn’t see you in school.” she said. “Come in” I said, trying to keep a smile on my face. she entered and saw Sharon already in my room. “wow Sharon! you are here too” she said. “yes. I came here for tutorial.” Sharon responded “Christian is tutoring you. I will like to join you guys.” Joy said I didn’t pay attention to their conversation. My only wish was for Sylvia to knock on my door. My eyes were fixed on the door. Just when I turned my gaze away from the door, a knock sounded on the door. I rushed to the door immediately. I opened it to see Sylvia standing at the door. I felt like giving her a hug the moment I saw her.
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