My Life as a Shy Guy – Episode 6

All of a sudden, Mustack and the lady stood up and was walking towards me. My heart kept pounding fast as I wondered what they might be coming for. They got to me and sat down on the available seat beside me. 

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“Christian this is Kate. she’s also a student of our school. she’s a micro-biology student” Mustack introduced her to me immediately they settled down. “Kate this is Christian, my coursemate” he continued “hi Christian” Kate said, stretching her hand to me for a handshake, with smiles on her face. “hi Kate” I shook hands with her, making sure that the smile on my face was visible. 
Mustack and Kate continued their conversation from where they stopped, leaving me out of it. He must have brought her to our table so that it would not look like he had forgotten about me. I thanked God that they didn’t involve me in their conversation, because the lady beside me would have noticed that I was shy from the way I would speak. I only sat down quietly, listening to their conversation, trying to see if I could pick one or two lines from what Mustack was saying, so that I could use it on a lady when I’m in difficult position. I tried to take note of the things that made her laughed out loud. All of a sudden, Mustack phone started ringing. He brought out his phone and stared into the screen. 
“I’m sorry, give me a minute” he said to Kate. “okay” Kate responded He stood up and walked out of the bar, leaving me alone with Kate. My heart started pounding fast immediately Mustack left. Why must his phone ring now. I blamed the caller who chose to call him at the wrong time. I knew I was supposed to engage Kate in a conversation until Mustack returns, but how was I supposed to do that? How will I start? What will I say? My mind was even blank as I sat alone with her. While I was still trying to come up with how I would start a conversation with her, she took her phone from her bag and busied herself with it. I heaved a sigh of relief and thank God for bringing me out of my predicament. At least her phone would keep her busy until Mustack returns. I prayed silently that she should not stop whatever she was doing with her phone. All of a sudden, she dropped her phone in her bag and faced me. What I prayed for not to happen was finally before me. I took a deep breath, trying to summon all the courage I could. I tried my best not to show that I was nervous, because it would be more embarrassing if she realizes I’m a shy guy. 
“So you are an economics student?” she asked “Yes” I responded “That means you will be very stingy” she said I wanted to correct the statement she just made. I wanted to tell her that economist are not stingy. We only try to put our resources to the best use. We only try to be economical. I wanted to tell her that we only try to maximise satisfaction from our limited resources, but all I could say to her was “that’s not true o” “what’s not true?” she asked “are you saying that you are not stingy?” “no, i’m not” I defended myself “we would see about that” she said I really didn’t know what she meant by ‘we would see about that’, but I was not going to start thinking about it, because my head was full already. “okay” I responded “I’m a micro-biology student. You know my faculty right?” she asked “not really” I answered “it’s very close to the faculty of engineering. Just opposite Gtbank” she said “wow! it’s even close to my faculty. That means we would be seeing each other often” I said I liked the way our conversation was going. I was not nervous. maybe because she was doing most of the talking. “Sure” she responded just immediately.
Mustack came back and sat on the seat he was previously occupying. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw him. Atleast I was able to engage Kate in a conversation until he returned. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting” he said to Kate “not at all. Christian had made sure that I didn’t get bored” she said My face curved in a smile when I heard that, and I gave myself a thumb up for doing a nice job. “Good. I like that” Mustack said “we will start leaving now. I have something to do at home” he said to Kate “okay, no problem” Kate responded.

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 Mustack stood up and I stood up immediately with him “okay Kate, see you later in school” I said “see you too” she responded “let me have your number” Another lady asking for my number. I don’t like giving my number to ladies, because I usually don’t have anything to say when they called. She gave me her phone and I typed my number. I gave her back her phone when I was done. we left the restaurant immediately.
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