MY OWN KOBO ON THE STATE OF NIGERIA (Where is the new Nigeria we all clamor for)

MY OWN KOBO ON THE STATE OF NIGERIA (Where is the new Nigeria we all clamor for)
It’s about time every right thinking Nigeria begin to think of an alternative country to live In.
Apart from the civil war, the last 7 years (2011 – 2018) have been an unending war in Nigeria. How can any sane person think of building a future in a country where your life can be cut short at any moment? How can you call Nigeria “Home” when you cannot even succeed financially and walk the streets freely, or even have your family walk freely.


A good example is Chimamanda Adichie the Anambra born Writer and feminist the world celebrates, including Hilary Clinton and numerous other world leaders, yet her country rewarded her by kidnapping her father. Or is it Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who was paid with heartbreak for serving and flying Nigeria high by kidnapping her 82 year old fragile mother.
A Nigerian professor despite not being cared for nor paid living salary/wage wasrewarded with brutal murdered in the comfort of his home?
The latest was Mikel Obi who already struggle a living for himself and family but didn’t back down on Nigeria, he served and labored for this failed nation but while away for national service his Father was kidnapped.
Chibok girls who are already ladies, are yet to be rescued and Sharibu the Christian young girl is still with her abductors and one clown is happy spending tax payers money not thinking that every lives matters.

It’s been war over war in the north where thousands are been murdered with the support of the clueless Federal Government for cattle ranching. (Its high time we label Nigeria Zoo with Nnamdi Kanu’s Inscription).
Why  should any sane person keep thinking of living in Nigeria? Just last week a famous US celebrity claimed that those living in Nigeria are sick and Mad (If you’re not mad you won’t survive on Nigeria) very true. A country where her president congratulates other world  leaders for rescuing teenagers held in cave for just 2weeks but could do little or Nothing to stop the killings of innocent Nigerians claimed to be herders – Farmers.
We campaigned for CHANGE, but all we get is mass killings every other day?
Who do we blame for PMB menace? When the likes of Garba Shehu, El Rufai the Insignificant Joe Igbokwe and Lai Mohammed are still in government defending evil. The travails of this country has really eaten deep. Prayers can’t solve this because prayers works with faith. Average Nigerians No longer have faith in Nigeria.
Why should anyone be proud of Nigeria then? Why should anyone keep dreaming of an illusionary New Nigerian.

The President and government officials flees abroad with any little illness. An average Nigerian with heart attack dies within hours in Nigeria. There’s No hospital in the whole country with a standard ICU and equipment for cardiac stenting or catheterization. A country where dead people lie on the street of Lagos, with no scintilla of help or emergency services from the government.
A country where people empty their account just go give birth “abroad” for their children to escape the horrors and de nove disadvantage of being a full Nigerian citizen. If there’s a chance for another slave trade “Nigerian will offer their selves to slave in another man’s country. We all wish to get out of this country by all means.


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A country where mass killing have been made the norms and code of leadership. Over 1million innocent souls have been killed in the past 7 years. A country despite the massive potentials and wealth still wallows in disease, corruption, religious bigotry, poverty, crisis of different kind and everything bad.
Truth be told, Nigeria has become a sinking ship, and needs to drown or fall off the cliff and then rebuilt again for our youths to reach their full potential. it is imperative for them to have their own revolution! Or at least start thinking of the nearest African country to call home. Nigeria is now a cooking halogen gas in a hot air balloon that is about to pop.
I h*te Jonthan, PMB is devil’s incarnate.
I might not be proud to say I campaigned for PMB but yet I’m not regretting pushing GEJ out.
Political party or not Nigeria will always come first.
Nevertheless, I shouldn’t have campaigned for CHANGE but for a massive REVOLUTION it’s not yet late 2019 can come big and bold. Rwanda is fast rising if the narrative in Nigeria doesn’t change before 2019 I will consider Rwanda  my next home.
I am young and concerned
You too can be concerned
Let’s make amends or perish!
Comr Chuks
Rights Activist and Social critic
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