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Shugatiti: My Private Life different from Social Media

My Private Life different from Social Media - Shugatiti

Ghanaian video vixen and model, Abena Serwaa Frimpong, better known as Shugatiti has disclosed that the kind of videos and photos she uploads on social media does not depict who she really is.

She says the public photos and videos are just to solidify her brand but its way different from her private life.

She explained this in an interview with Mona Gucci on the Link Show.

Shugatiti narrated how she ended up being a model and video vixen, saying modeling has been her dream work from childhood and because of the harsh treatment she received from her mother during her tender age, she was exposed to life earlier and so she started hustling to live her dream and finally, G*d exposed her to the world via one nude photo she posted.

She continued that what she does on social media is just her brand and that is what people know her for so she can’t stop doing it, but that those who are close to her in real life can attest to the fact that she is a different person.

She told Mona that she is the type of person who does not love much sex but with her brand, people see her be that naughty type and she receives numerous calls daily from men asking for a hookup and other things she does not do outside her social media life.

My Private Life different from Social Media - Shugatiti

She also explained that she sells sex toys and when she’s with no man, she gets herself busy with one of them.

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