My Stretch Marks define Me – Singer Omawumi

My Stretch Marks define Me - Singer Omawumi

Nigerian singer, Omawumi Megbele has taken to her Instagram page to write about her stretch marks.


Omawumi explained in her post that every stretch mark on her body has a story and she is grateful for what they represent.


Further, the mother of two mentioned that the marks on her body carved her into the woman she has become today.


“Every stretch mark has a story” Omawumi wrote in her opening paragraph.

“Every cellulite is important…”

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“Everything has shaped me into this fearless, gorgeous woman that God has perfectly made,” she wrote.

My Stretch Marks define Me - Singer Omawumi
My Stretch Marks define Me – Singer Omawumi

Omawumi has remained one of the top female performers in the music industry since she gained mainstream prominence in 2007.


Earlier, Omawumi Megbele in an Instagram post has explained how she was bullied throughout her childhood.


According to the actress, she was specifically ridiculed by her peers primarily because of her physical appearance.


In her post, she mentioned that she suffered low self-esteem issues due to the derogatory names that she was dubbed.


Speaking via her IG page, the multi-talented Nigerian musician said:

“I was one of those kids they used to call ‘Hammer Headed’, ‘OGORstina’ and ‘Ekpengbe forehead’…”


She continued:

“Infact one of my aunt’s used to call me ‘Beauty’, she said she was using it to prophecy into my life that I will be pretty someday🤣…


“Well there was a time I allowed it get to me, there was a time that I couldn’t step out without being heavily decked up in makeup.


“I would do all manners of things to hide my flaws because I felt imperfect.”


In the latter paragraph, Omawumi explained that she has since found her confidence and she is happy for who she is.


She mentioned that she is appreciative of how her “ekpengbe forehead” was designed.


“Now the only thing that has changed is that I’m madly in love with my imperfect me, with my ekpengbe forehead 🤣, with my knock knees, with my cellulitis and stretch marks like map of Africa! She continued.


“I’m in love with my skin and everything within… And guess what? I can still decide to change or hide a flaw because that too is ok!


“What I won’t do is allow anybody’s perception of me to direct the decisions I make for myself. I am Beautiful…


“You are beautiful too!”

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