Naive: Why I didn’t Ch0p a 19 year-old Girl

A 29-year-old man has taken it upon himself to advise his fellow men to stop sleeping with younger girls because they are naive.


According to him, he was in town met a girl on the street and decided to bring her home. But upon reaching home, he realised the girl was only 19 years and decided to give her money and kick her out.


He added that he had younger sisters who were the same age and couldn’t imagine a man sleeping with his 19-year-old sisters.


He went ahead to advise his friends to stop sleeping with girls who are below the ages of 20.

According to him, such girls are too naive to know what they want. They are immature to know say no to a man especially when he decides to lure them with money.


Read his full story below;

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Why I didn't Ch0p a 19 year-old Girl

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