Napstar Zee [Biography, About, Lifestyle & Networth]

Who is Napstar Zee?

Emmanuel Oscar, popularly known as Napstar Zee, is a Nigerian Afrobeat singer and songwriter. He came into lime-light in 2021 after he dropped a record hit “Holy Water” in 2020.

Napstar Zee is a performing artiste who in the short period he has publicly gained recognition and has also been given an award of honor for his innovative and creative nature coupled with his shows since his entrance in the music scene.

Napstar Zee [Biography, About, Lifestyle & Networth]


Date Of Birth: March 3rd 1997
Current city: Lekki, Lagos
State of Origin: Enugu state
Country: Nigeria
Marital Status : Single
Nationality: Nigerian
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: @moneygod_napstar
Music Genre: Afrobeat Artist
Skills: Business management
Interests and hobbies : Music, Comedy, Producing, therapy, & cooking
Religion – Christianity
Affiliations – Dailytrendtv HQ
Race – Black African

Networth: $9 Billion


Early Life:
Napstar Zee is from Enugu state , and he is born into the family of Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Anichebe.

He started his musical career in 2016 while he was in year one in the Enugu state university of science and technology.


It will be quite a struggle for anyone to fill in the shoes of the multi-talented music maestro, However, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And this is the reality that the musical maverick.


Napstar Zeeshows versatility in his path by singing indigenous and non indigenous music. quite a afrobeat lover, he shows his role as a Christian by praising God’s name through his record too. He also has several siblings respectively of which he’s the 3rd son.

Napstar Zee [Biography, About, Lifestyle & Networth]

Napstar Zee comes from the Emmanuel Anichebe’s family who hail from Udi/Ezeagu local government area and was born in the year 1997 March 3rd.


In a press interview spoke about his previously released debut album titled ‘Son of Grace’. According to him, the title of the 13 track album was inspired by his life experiences.


“My life inspired my album ‘Son of Grace’. Everything that has happened in my life was ordained positively by God’s grace, so I think I’m a son of grace,” he said.

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Napstar Zee, who described his genre of music as Afrobeat, started music at an early age by playing instruments such as guitar and piano.

Napstar Zee [Biography, About, Lifestyle & Networth]

As the genre becomes a fuller and richer type of sound with better lyrics, better production, varying delivery styles, Napstar Zee is set on establishing himself as a musical mainstay from Enugu to the world.


Speaking on what music means to him, the artist said: “Music means everything to my spirit and soul.”


Signed to Apple Boys Records, Napstar Zee plans to drop an Extended Play(EP) soon for his fans and promise to feature a few A-list artists on the project.

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