Ndok-Jegede: Why Saturday 25th Elections should be postponed 

Ndok-Jegede: Why Saturday 25th Elections should be postponed 

A factional presidential candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM), Ebiti Ndok-Jegede, has demanded immediate postponement of the general election scheduled to begin on Saturday, as a result of the naira notes and fuel scarcities.


Ndok-Jegede, at a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, said that many citizens would be disenfranchised and the credibility of the poll who impact negatively, should it forge ahead with the exercise.


She argued cash scarcity before the poll was a subtle move to make citizens vulnerable to manipulation by money bags on election day, describing it as insensitive.

“We need to create a level playing field for all concerned men, women and youth to participate in this election.

“Scarcity of Naira notes will disenfranchise women from being a major league player in this election.


“The election umpire that is the Independent National Electoral Commission has not made it easy either.

“At this juncture, we are calling on patriotic Nigerians who are ready and willing to contribute their own culture to the true development of this beautiful nation to step forward, and let us jointly move Nigeria to greatness without rancour both in peace and unity.

“It is time for us to stand in brotherhood and support the call for a shift in the date of the elections to a better time before May 29.

“People cannot travel to vote without no money. So, I say this what is going on as a subtle way to rig elections because if people don’t go out what’s going to be the outcome of the election? They just give us any figure. Is that what we’re waiting for? Is that what Nigeria is looking for? No.

Ndok-Jegede: Why Saturday 25th Elections should be postponed 
Ebiti Ndok-Jegede

“We are looking for something credible and better. Credible election this time around will strengthen our democracy and you will agree with me. Nigeria must not fall. Nigeria must not fail.

“I also want to seize this opportunity to appeal to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari to assess the prevailing circumstances involving the candidates, the prevailing environment and circumstances.

“Now we are looking for credible candidates. We are looking for an enabling environment to make the environment conducive for this election.

“Nigeria must stand strong among comity of nations. And we can jointly do it together. It is time. Now is the time. We must not miss it. Now is the time. We need to get together.


“All hands on deck. Conscientious and concerted citizens of this nation need to come together and jointly decide which way forward.”

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