NBS’ Rating of Delta State: NDPYF Knocks Fred Latimore; Tasks Governor Okowa on Sustainable Job Creation

The Media Director of Niger Delta Progressive Youth Forum (NDPYF), a frontline Niger Delta rights protection group, Comrade Ezekiel Kagbala has lampooned the overzealous Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe for being insensitive to the economic plights of Deltans.


In a statement issued at Warri in reaction to the recent rating of Delta as the second richest State in Nigeria by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Comrade Kagbala commended Chief Sheriff Mulade, a Peace Ambassador, as well as the Ebe-Sorimowei of Ancient Gbaramatu Kingdom, and the Gbafade of Niger Delta for damming sycophants and speaking out on the true situation in Delta State.


He described the NBS’ rating of Delta State as a disconnect from realities in the State where most people suffer and live below the poverty line, as shown during the 28 days of lockdown, when the State Government could not adequately provide for all Deltans to reflect its rating as the second richest State in Nigeria.

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He said the NBS as a Government Agency was only doing the bidding of some sycophants, such as Fred Latimore, to give a rating based on the extravagant lifestyles of the political class in the State, describing him (Fred Latimore) as a subjective self publishing writer.


Kagbala said Latimore is the greatest parasite who trades with flattery to feed from the State Government, and that Latimore is good at his job of helping easy virtue politicians to institutionalize poverty in the State.


The NDPYF Leader, however, commended Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for being a listening Governor, and for doing his best to move the State forward, but appealed to him to focus on sustainable job creation for the teaming unemployed Deltans.

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He stressed the need to send those feeding fat on the State Government to the field, and sack those whose appointments have no positive impacts on the State and on Deltans.


He described Fred Latimore as a cash and carry sycophant and a political jobber scheming to usurp the functions of the Press Secretary to the Delta State Governor.


Comrade Kagbala said Latimore lacks the contextual rigour and dexterity to speak for Deltans because he is oblivious of the truth as his business ends in Asaba, therefore, there is no need wasting time to join issues with a man who is yet to understand the purpose of his core mandate but parades himself as a cut-and-nail media professional.

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Notwithstanding that fact, he said it was very important for the NDPYF to contribute its quota towards achieving good governance in the State by commending the truth and correcting lies when necessary, in the interest of Deltans and other Nigerians.


Kagbala said Latimore’s appointment was highly misplaced and a waste of the State’s resources, since there are more qualified and experienced professionals to handle the Governor’s media job, while Letimore should concentrate on developing his legal carrier rather than being a parasite and political jobber.


According the NDPYF, Comrade Sheriff Mulade had never been an errand boy to any politician, and had never joined issues with never-do-well “charge and bail lawyers” like Fred Latimore. He said Chief Sheriff Mulade faulted the NBS’ rating because it does not reflect the realities on ground and the public opinion of Deltans who know the truth about the State’s socio-economic situation.


Comrade Kagbala noted that the NBS’ rating of Delta as the second least poor State in Nigeria was not only an error but also an insult to the people of Delta State, describing Latimore as the biblical blind guard looking for statistics, forcing the poor and hungry Deltans to accept to be what they are not.


He said it was evident that Latimore is among the poor and hungry Deltans because he reportedly made his statement available to newsmen in Asaba on Friday, yet he is personally sharing the statement on WhatsApp groups, an indication that his salary and office could not afford to hire the services of a media outfit to promote his frivolous write-ups. He wondered if Governor Okowa appointed Fred Latimore to write for WhatsApp groups.

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Mr. Kagbala reminded Dr. Latimore of Comrade Sheriff Mulade’s huge financial contributions to the emergence of Dr. Okowa as Governor in the 2019 general elections, yet remained supportive of the State Government even when he was not given any political appointment by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

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