Never Marry A Man Without These 2 Things” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin

A Nigerian Televangelist and General Overseer of “House On The Rock Church,” Pastor Paul Adefarasin has revealed two things every lady must look out for in man before they agree to marry him.


Pastor Paul Adefarasin implored ladies to look out for a man with vision and a roadmap for the vision. “Women, when you marry, choose a man on the premise of his mission, being something that you can come under. Don’t just look at his good looks, his physical pocket, how nice he looks and how nice he talks, can you submit to his vision. If he doesn’t have a vision, you have no business marrying him. If he doesn’t have a mission and it’s not clear that he has a roadmap for the vision, don’t go near him. Never marry a man without these two things, a vision and a roadmap for the vision,” he said.


The clergyman also revealed two crucial questions any lady must ask any man who approached them for marriage. “In fact, one of the first thing you should ask a guy who is trying to woo you is, ‘Where are you going? What did you plan to do with your life? Because when I look at you today, I’m looking at a guy who may not be there yet but I want to know where you’re planning to go, because in suiting me, you’re soliciting a helpmeet that will help you with your mission. So, what’s your mission,” Pastor Adefarasin said.

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Pastor Adefarasin further added that, submission in a marriage is nonnegotiable but a lady has the right to chose who she will submit to. “Ladies, you get to choose who you submit to and if he’s not going anywhere and doesn’t know where to go and doesn’t have a compass guiding him, don’t submit to him,” he said.

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