New Black Panther Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz reacts over Rude Comments On Black Women

Attorney and New Black Panther Leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz completely gathered the hosts from the Fresh & Fit Podcast over some of the disparaging comments they made about Black women on multiple episodes.


During an Instagram live session hosted by investor and author, Farrah Gray, Shabazz lit into the show’s hosts, Myron Gains and Walter Weeks, for their insensitive comments, calling them “Sambos” for disrespecting Black women.


Earlier this month, a viral clip from the podcast sent Black social media users into a heated spiral after Weeks and Gains were captured discussing why they prefer dating white women over Black women. The video came in response to a previous segment where the two shock jocks were seen calling Black women “a bunch of Shaniquas” and “Laquishas.”

New Black Panther Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz reacts over Rude Comments On Black Women
Malik Zulu Shabazz

Following an outpour of backlash, Gains attempted to clean up on aisle six, telling viewers that there was “nothing wrong with having preferences.”

Another clip from the podcast appeared to show Gains and his co-host being rude and abrupt to rapper Asian Doll, after the “Pull Up” hitmaker called him “mean as f*ck” for being snippy with one of the women on the show.


Now, while Shabazz’s righteous read was certainly needed to slap some semblance of sense into Weeks and Gains, there’s a bigger issue at play here. Why has bashing Black women, in general, become some sort of sick entertaining content for folks over the last decade? It’s tiring, disrespectful, and uncalled for. The Fresh & Fit Podcast hosts certainly could have kept their comments to themselves, and Shabazz also went overboard with his insensitive description of white women as well.

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According to Madame Noire, when asked to address their remarks about Black women, Gains argued that “no race is off limits” and that they make fun of everyone on the show, according to The Shade Room. He also reminded viewers that the show isn’t politically correct and that he could care less about the critics. However, it’s important for him to remember, that if viewers don’t tune into this foolishness, they don’t get paid from ad revenue and sponsors who support the show.


…and that’s on that PERIOD!

As for that Asian Doll debacle, according to the show’s hosts, the rapper arrived almost two hours late for her appearance, and Gains, in particular, took issue with Asian Doll calling him “mean as f*ck” without understanding the events that transpired before their argument. Gains said that he asked some of the ladies to stop having side conversations multiple times before Asian Doll showed up. All in all, he said he doesn’t have a problem with the rapper.

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In conclusion, The Fresh & Fit Podcast’s problematic remarks were just all-around silly. Yes, both men and women have the right to have a preference, but the topic could have been addressed without the disrespectful name-calling and stereotyping.

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