New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

A New Jersey art teacher is receiving heat from parents at the preschool where she teaches.


Her voluptuous curves and figure-hugging dresses is the bone of contention.


Parents say her curves are a distraction for their children.

New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

The kindergarten teacher is Roxsana Diaz, who uses the moniker “The Art Teacher.” The 39-year-old woman teaches preschoolers in Pennsauken, New Jersey.


She is quite popular on Instagram where she regularly shares photos of herself in class or engaging in other fun activities outside school.


Diaz went on her Instagram Live on Thursday to speak to her 813,000 followers about how some parents are trying to get her fired because of her body and looks. She disputes that she is in danger of losing her job.

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Roxsana Diaz states in the video clip that she is addressing the issue regarding some parents of kindergarten students who may feel she shouldn’t be teaching. She immediately says that she gets the most support from the mothers of the children. “The mothers from the county and community for the school that I work for are some of my biggest supporters.”

She also mentions that letters of support from the mothers are sent to her school administrators.


Some parents are calling for her to be fired while others say she should just wear clothes that hide her curves. And that seems impossible.

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Under both New Jersey and federal labor law, it would be illegal for a school to fire a teacher based on their physical appearance, which is perhaps why there’s been no action taken against the supposed complaints that have been made in regards to the woman’s looks.

New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

Diaz felt the attention she initially got through social media and news outlets was funny. But, now that there have been negative comments toward her, “it’s kinda not funny anymore.”


The support she’s received from people worldwide and even a recent encounter at a Wawa’s has taken her by surprise and she is “humbled” that she is supported and recognized.

New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

“It’s an overwhelming amazing feeling.”

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Although she does have people sending her negative comments, she still appreciates the positive message she receives. “I’m receiving so much positive feedback, I am so happy, I’m still a teacher. I’m still highly favored.”

In the comment section of her posts, some people appeared to agree that they, too, would find it hard to concentrate if she was their teacher. “Lol, why didn’t my art teacher look like this when I was in school? I would have never missed a class,” one user wrote while another continued, “Not going to lie, but I kinda see why parents are mad. I don’t know how I’d feel about my 5 year old learning from a teacher with a Kim K figure.”


The Art Teacher appeared to have addressed the criticism regarding her body in the past, alluding that the comments made by people who aren’t even aware of what it took to get to where she is today could ultimately lead her to lose the income that’s supporting her family.


Clearly bothered by what she had read about herself online, she issued a lengthy response, writing, “Artist, art teacher, influencer, etc. I have worked for years to become the woman I am today. Strong, successful, loving, motivated, etc. Unfortunately, being an influencer makes it easy for most people to dismiss the immense amount of work it takes to get to where I am today.

New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

“Most of the time we only show the final results, so people tend to completely discount the immense amount of work it takes to get here. Even worse, some people believe that we are made of stone and that we have no feelings. Some forget the fact that their lack of empathy can lead us to lose the income we use to support our families or our emotional control…”


Judging by her recent Instagram photos, it would appear as if the Art Teacher is very much still employed and committed to continue teaching at her preschool.

New Jersey Art Teacher under fire for Voluptuous Curves

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