New Year Message from Khadijah Abdullahi Iya

Khadijah Abdullahi Iya

Below is the New year message from former vice presidential candidate and teacher to many, Khadijah Abdullahi Iya.




I’d like to say a big #Congratulations to anyone reading this. #Congratulations that you’ve lived to see this day and already enjoying the blessings that comes with every breath you take…I look back to #2019 and some of our loved ones that started it with us and couldn’t make it to this day. May their Souls rest in perfect Peace…Aameen.

I want to thank all of you that made my 2019 awesome, for all your love and support,for your likes and encouragement,for your comments and kind words. #2019 was one of my most productive years and i wouldn’t have achieved that without all of you as part of it. I can’t call names as the space would be too small to appreciate everyone.


So today, I ask Allah SWT to expand each and everyone of your chests,for you to access HIS LOVE, to harvest the enormous blessings that HE sowed within YOU! May such harvests within you continue to flourish to others,May HE Keep us strong that we may help the weak,keep us uplifted that we may have #words of #encouragement for others…We make Dua’aa(Suplications) for those that are lost and can’t find their way. We make Dua’a for those that are #misjudged and #misunderstood….


We make Dua’a for all our #Brothers and #Sisters in Nigeria and Beyond; for each and every family members in our households..we make Dua’a for #Peace#LOVE and #Joy in our homes that we are out of #Debt and all our #NEEDS are met…We make Dua’a for HIS #Guidance to #harvest all our hardwork and seeds HE Enabled us sow over the years.We make Dua’a for HIS #Direction to process these Bumper yields to spread to nurturing #humanity… Aameen (Amen)🤲🤲🤲 Have the very #BEST of 2020 and May ALL our supplications be accepted.




Thank you and God Bless you 🙏

Khadijah Abdullahi Iya

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