Nigeria Idol organizers yet to pay my winning prize – K Peace

Nigeria Idol organizers yet to pay my winning prize - K Peace

THE winner of Nigeria Idol season 5, Ogunrombi Olakunle Koya popularly known as K Peace, have revealed that the organizers of Nigeria Idol are yet to pay his winning prize.


He also spoke about his music and personal life.


”A lot changed for me and expectations became very high”.

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He also stated how people expected so much from him after he won the competition.


K Peace said, “Everyone believes there is one money somewhere, I have said this in interviews till date. Nigeria Idol organizers are yet to pay up my winning prize money and fulfil all the promises made. A lot of people assume I got all the prizes.


Effect of Nigeria Idol

”I will say Nigeria Idol affected me negatively in some ways. I was doing extremely well before Nigeria Idol. I got things going with my live band and I was making good cash, though I didn’t have a car. But after Idol, a lot of people stopped inviting me to events, I also tried reaching out to some people, the response I got was that I’m now a big boy and a pricey one at that!, meanwhile I needed that deal badly”.

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The Fujirembi crooner also mentioned that the music industry has changed, adding that for you to have a good promotion you will have to spend some cash.


Speaking of getting sponsorships, K Peace said “isn’t easy any more, so many times I get comments like “guy where have you been “” My brother na money make me be like say I hide” .


”Nigeria Idol made my career kinda slow. This isn’t funny at all, I believe music competitions like Nigerian Idol were meant to bring talents from the grass root to a higher level not adding up more problems. I have a lot of friends who emerged winners of talent hunt shows, men it is really frustrating for many of us, no opportunities, all empty promises and life trauma.

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Nigeria Idol organizers yet to pay my winning prize - K Peace

Ogunrombi Olakunle Koya disclosed that he has been putting out new material on his own, also trying to make his part right, hoping to get to the next level.


Regarding his current body of work, K Peace said “I just released a song titled ‘Plus Size’. The song speaks about the thick ladies, many feel body shamed so I decided to do something for them and from time to time I will be putting out more content.


”Plans dey na money they delay.” He added. ”All I want to say is winning Nigerian idol really messed things up for me but we move and God understands why.”

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