Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester

Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester

THE police of Manchester is trying to cover up the death of a Nigerian lady who jumped into moving train over multiple blackmail by her British boyfriend, Ryan Legget, in May 2023.


Alanis Ogundipe, was born in 1997 in the United Kingdom. She finished her A levels in 2016. She went to the University of Manchester where she studied Accounting and Finance. After that, she got a job with Marks Sattin as Finance Consultant and she did that for a year. She got another job with AM Fashion between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, she was hired by KPMG in the UK. She was employed so that she could do her ACA programme. Usually, people do it for three to or five years but she chose the one-year route. And she passed 14 out of 15 exams in 10 months.

Alanis was the daughter of the daughter of Oladapo Ogundipe, Chief Executive Officer of Airwired Nigeria Limited.


Everything was going well for Alanis Ogundipe until she met her boyfriend, Ryan Legget, around June 2022. He was introduced to her by one of her friends. The friend told Ryan that Alanis had access to free money.


Alanis, a bright star in the firmament of life, was a young woman with dreams and aspirations to toe the path of her grandfather, Mr. Samuel Olagunju Ogundipe a 1965 Gwyther Prize winner and the best student in Monetary Theory and Practice in the final part of the London Institute of bankers professional examinations. He was a model banker; the first Nigerian graduate to be employed by UBA and the first CEO of Nigerian Merchant bank and who later Co-Founded Prudent Merchant bank, the forerunner to Skye and Polaris bank.

Her excellence was further validated through stringent background tests conducted by her employer, KPMG, which encompassed medical, financial, drug, mental, and psychological assessments.


Despite residing oceans apart, Alanis remained the apple of her father’s eye, his pride and joy. She moved away from the family home when she gained admission to study for the Bachelor of Science degree in Management (Accounting and Finance) at the University of Manchester in 2016, and as her father’s first and her parents’ only daughter, the family cherished every moment they spent together.


After meeting Ryan Legget in July 2022, the once vibrant, disciplined young woman began spiraling into the depths of despair, as her crypto gambler boyfriend coerced her into reckless gambling using her own money to make money so they could pay for the things he planned for them to do.

He coerced her into insurmountable debts.


According to Alanis “the money problems started after she was introduced to Ryan”. According to one of her best friends, “Alanis had always been so sensible with money”. It was during her last birthday celebration in February 2023 that the depths of Ryan’s manipulation became evident. He gifted her a trip to Italy, which she accepted against her dads wishes, only for the boyfriend to shockingly demand a full refund of her spending money upon their return to the UK.


In less than one month of the relationship, Ryan Legget said he wanted to marry her and take her to his mother. And to prove his undying love he delivered her herpes.

The soft Alanis was now stuck with him due to this infection. If they wanted to do anything together, he would loan her the money so as to make her do it. He would first tell her it was a gift and then tell her it was a loan.

Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester
Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester

In May 2023, while all these was happening, her dad Mr Ogundipe alerted her of a £100 000 which was meant for a particular investment in the UK and ”we had been communicating about how we were going to send it”.

Ryan would later discovered this and double his ‘madness’.

He pressured Alanis into revealing her bank statements and demanded the money. Her refusal triggered an alarming episode that revealed Ryan’s dark side. In a surreptitious act of coercive control and invasion of privacy, after obtaining her password without her consent, on the 28th May 2023 he forcibly accessed her phone which contained company information of her father, extracting her bank statements and other sensitive data.

Although Alanis told her mum of these situation but she didn’t do much for her based on report.


Ryan also said he would expose her on how she had stayed awake and passed her university and professional exams by using stimulants. In the UK, there was a law against cohesive and controlling behaviours.


This coercive and controlling behavior is in violation of section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 and egregious violation of privacy under sections 1 and 2 of the computer misuse and other offenses Act 1990 both of the UK is not only morally reprehensible but also illegal, constituting a blatant infringement of privacy and computer misuse and domestic abuse laws.


Armed with this sensitive information, Ryan subjected Alanis to physical, mental, and psychological torment, blackmailing and gaslighting her relentlessly using the data he had stolen from her phone and threatening to paint a false story of her.


On May 29th, 2023, Miss Alanis tragically took her own life by jumping in front of a moving train 4 hours after agreeing to make payment. She was emotionally shattered, and her anguish was shared with her mother, making this an undeniable case of coerced suicide.


Ryan showed no empathy and did not release her ID required to claim the £100,000 until after her death and after he had attempted to obtain payment from Mr Ogundipe using the stolen data. After failing in that attempt, he has sent abusive messages to Mr Ogundipe and the family. This is unbearable according to Mr Ogundipe.


According to Mr Ogundipe, ”I never spoke to him until a week after she died because I needed some clarity. I called him out of love even when I did not know what had really happened. That was when he shared what transpired between them with me. He showed me how my daughter begged him and how she was going through pain. He told me how he broke into her phone without a password. In the communication he shared with me, I discovered that after the apology, my daughter told her everything he had been saying was a lie. My daughter in the conversation said she was in pain. That was when I realized the guy had actually deceived her and got her to apologise and pay. The idea of sharing the information with me was to make me feel she genuinely apologized. But when I realized this, I told him the second day he was responsible for what happened and he started attacking me with all sorts of words.”


Manchester Police dodging their job

The Police in Manchester after the incident have been one sided says the family. They have allegedly chosen to stay on sided in the case.

”The police came some minutes later, they have not collected her mother’s statement as I am speaking to you. What they have been using is the information this guy has shown them where she apologized to him.” Says Mr Oladapo Ogundipe.


Mr. Ogundipe, in his valiant pursuit of justice for his cherished daughter, filed a complaint with the United Kingdom Greater ManChester Police Department. The case is awaiting a review following the criming on the 26th July 2023 by the British Transport Police

”The guy was prepared, we were not prepared because it came as a shock to us. I complained on July 26 because the British Transport Police were going to close the case after their initial investigation. After I got the information from the guy and showed them the evidence, they ‘crimed’ that aspect and forwarded it to Manchester police. The officer they assigned promised to return in three days after he finished speaking to the suspect and check my daughter’s phone, but he never did. He just wrote his report that there was no evidence. We complained against him to the police watchdog and they promised to review what the officer did. That is where we are.”


The family is also reaching out to both the British and Nigerian governments, imploring them for the uncoerced written confession by the suspect of violation of sections 1 and 2 of the UK Computer Misuse and other Offenses Act 1990 to be taken into account for the family’s healing and to secure justice for Alanis Ogundipe, whose life was unjustly extinguished.

Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester
Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester

Mr Ogundipe is very concerned that Ryan (@ryanleggett_ on I.G) is going around freely with the data he stole from Alanis phone which may include information on his company and business.

”Nobody knows the extent of what he copied. His phone has not been collected. My daughter was the Director of my company. Do we know what else he had taken from that phone aside from what he showed me? He has not been arrested or questioned. They have based everything on Bryan’s own statement. That is the only person they have listened to. And it was because the guy was ahead of us and that is what has been helping him to date.


”He has been walking freely since the ‘criming’ of the evidence. He also tried to use the information with him to obtain money from me. How can he use that information to get away when there is a law in the UK called computer misuse? They have not even extracted the last communication they both had. I need justice for my daughter. This kind of thing should not happen to any parent.”


According to his Instagram account, Ryan Legget (@ryanleggett_) is an online fitness coach and founder of Lift Daily Coaching.

Nigerian lady jumps into moving train in Manchester

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