Nigerians and their unending love for Backward Syndrome

Nigerians and their unending love for Backward Syndrome

I happened to lose my father at the age of ten, my dad was a professor and he made mention of a lot of things which sharpened my mind to the kind of educated Nigerian I always want to become. I have never wanted to become a Nigerian who just have enough, I have always wanted to become a Nigerian who work hard in my profession and earn good amount of money.


As a woman in research, I can categorically let you know we have no place in the research industry so far the world is concerned. Most of the women making it and breaking boundaries are people from wealthy homes, whose family are ready to break grounds and protocols. A random Nigerian, who is highly intelligent would still have to work very hard to meet some standard, a lot of time Nigerians are not even allow to register for some certain courses and scholarships that will help them meet the standard. We are often stereotyped based on the kind of leader who are ruling us.


Backward Disequilibrium (BD) when relating with science and body is a postural disorder which is characterized by a posterior position of the centre of mass with respect to the base of support in the standing and sitting position predisposing subjects to backward falls. This postural disorder is defined by a posterior body tilt (Mourey et al 2004). In addition, BD is associated with axial and limb rigidity. The pathophysiological mechanisms leading to BD behavior, however, have not yet been clearly identified. Nevertheless, as observed in patients with stroke, deterioration in the subjective vertical could be associated with the appearance of BD. Indeed, the literature reports that the pusher behavior due to hemiplegia is associated with deterioration in the representation of the subjective verticalin the frontal plane (Lopez et al 1997; Pérennou et al 1998). A similar patho-physiological hypothesis may be involved in BD. To test this hypothesis we conducted a pilot study and found a direct correlation between the subjective vertical and the BD (Manckoundia et al 2007a). In this pilot study, the subjective vertical was assessed by measuring the postural vertical, which corresponds to the self-perception of the body’s orientation in space and in the sagittal plane (Manckoundia et al 2007a).

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Physiologically, a lot of people are battling with the falling backward syndrome. I had to sit down and compare the theoretical explanation of the falling backward syndrome to our daily habit, just like there is no established explanation on why people suffer from falling backward syndrome, this is same as how there is no reasonable explanation to anyone supporting the ability of Nigeria to be in the state that we are right now.


Inflation of food, and inability of the country to meet required standard and continuous loss of our currency has concluded on our rapid into destruction of the economy we have gotten into.


As a group of people, individuals and community. I believe a collective effort should be used to decided who can lead the country better in the #2023 Presidential election.

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We currently have three candidates, and base on intellectual abilities and achievements that correlate with the need for the economy to grow, we currently have only one candidates.


Specifically, We currently have Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar and Bola Ahmed Tinubu. A very fair judgement of how you will decide who is good enough for the country is by their achievements as leaders in previous position. Atiku Abubakar was once a Vice President during Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Tenure, If you read his book “my watch” The former president made us understand in detail of how Atiku Abubakar is a thief and siphon lots of cash meant for public finances.


In his word

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“The money Atiku stole when he was my vice is enough to feed 300 million people for 400 years “.


Obasanjo was said to have made the statement on page 31 of his book, My Watch.

Atiku running for the post of the president naturally should be an insult our nation Nigeria should out rightly reject, but I understand the fact that People’s Democratic Party of Nigeria are not people democrats but pocket democrats.

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When it comes to Ahmed Tinubu, I really do not have much to say about him, this is not because I do not know much about him, this is because Ahmed Tinubu was never supposed to be a choice at any cost.


Please keep an open mind!


A man said he is supposed to be the president of a country like Nigeria, his only justification and manifestation is that it is his turn. His other manifestation is that he will recruit five million youths, feed them beans, corn, garri.


As a food scientist, those food item he mentioned ain’t even food that contains enough nutrient for the body if once must eat them daily. But I find it more excruciating that the old man feels as a youth, I should be sent to war, be fed with such food.

Then, his next manifesto is that he built Lagos. A good question everyone of us should ask is “Is Lagos built?

Base on the tax and tariffs which is been paid to the government and Agbero, shouldn’t Lagos be more?


And then, we have a candidate who have evidence of what he has done. He was once a governor just like Tinubu, shouldn’t we be able to judge using performances and achievements?


Thinking about the whole situation made me understand that the people actually supporting the destruction of this country maybe be suffering from falling backward syndromes and what often causes Falling backward syndromes is decreased blood flow to the brain due to stroke or a chronic condition such as aging.


A typical question someone asked me is, are you saying all this People are battling with stroke?


Well, if I need to explain correctly. I am saying the ability of this people to think correctly has been tampered with. I understand that inflation is making things hard in the country. University students are on strike, food are so expensive and most average workers cannot even feed daily and here we are trying to even think about voting a person who said inflation will not be a problem since he will be paying everyone in naira….If this is not a falling backward syndromes then it has to be that a lot of people are currently living under a spell!



Temi Badmus, Content Creator, Food Scientist and Nutritionist.

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