Nwokocha Chima John

Nwokocha Chima John

Nwokocha Chima John is one of Nigeria’s most-successful entrepreneurs. Born in Isuikwato, Abia State, south-east Nigeria on 5th May 1998, Nwokocha Chima John always wanted to become a successful businessman in life.



Date Of Birth: 5/ May/ 1998
LGA: Isuikwato,
Current city: Lagos
State of Origin: Abia state



Nwokocha Chima John Networth is $1.5 Million.


Early Life:
Hailing originally from Abia State, and he is born into the family of Mr Emmanuel Nwokocha & Mrs Onyinyechi Nwokocha. Nwokocha Chima John attended Penny Private School & Penny International College Lagos.


Anybody that sees the steady rise of Nwokocha Chima John in business and how he has been able to build for himself an empire of multifaceted business chains, would not know that this has been the childhood ambition of the Abia State-born entrepreneur.


While reminiscing on his past during a recent chat with Prince Fredoo Perry, the Lagos-based Chima John said that since childhood, he has always dreamt of becoming a business owner, adding that his success in life was divinely orchestrated by God.


“You can’t believe that I always had this passion of owning my own business since I was very young, I did pray to God that He should grant my heart’s desires. And with this mind-set, I worked very hard to see myself through the thick and thin of this world to be what I am today. I thank God for helping me achieve my heart’s desires. It‘s God’s doing, not my power,” said Chima John.


It is no wonder that Chima John was able to grow to become a business tycoon and a silent billionaire whose wealth cuts across different businesses. He has also grown to be one of Africa’s most exquisite personalities.


Nwokocha Chima John, who hails from Isuikwato in Abia State, south-east Nigeria, is a business tycoon and a quiet billionaire whose wealth cuts across multifaceted business chains. He is known to be a successful investor in cryptocurrency & real estate.




CEO OscarXchange has been able to develop himself to be an oriented entrepreneur with focus in actualizing his dreams and to develop human talent, hence the setting up a crypto firm, a firm that deals with bringing and raising young talents.


Chima John’s foray into entertainment has helped shape and change the face of the crypto world in Nigeria, as his OscarXchange has been able to discover the new crypto world.


“Our desired goal is to operate with a high standard of excellence in business organisations and effectively manage crypto licensing and copyright processes and key partnerships around the world,” said Nwokocha Chima.


The Lagos-based business tycoon is now an expert in the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the aim to make OscarXchange bigger and influential while investing in the world of crypto in a bid to take over the globe.


Chima John said: “Life is truly complex, but I am aware that people face difficult choices and obstacles along the way, so I try to lend a hand and assist them to scale hurdles of life and give impetus to their dreams.


Mr John who has carved a niche for himself in the world of cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria, says sincerity, diligence and a never-say-die spirit are the recipe for success, adding that despite the success of his businesses, he wakes up every day planning and pursuing set goals to stay on top of his game.


“Digital assets would be a replacement for bank soon,” says the CEO pf OscarXchange.

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