Obaseki says you can Resign but also Prepare

Obaseki says you can Resign but also Prepare

Edo state Governor, His excellency Godwin Obaseki is battling so hard to keep his house together, report says he is alleged to have threatened his Commissioners who intend resigning their offices in his administration.


Obaseki says you can Resign but also Prepare


The Governor who summoned all his Commissioners to an emergency meeting at his Benin residence today sounded a warning to all his Commissioners who were present at the meeting that whoever wants to resign can do so, but should be prepared for what come after resignation.

A top Government official who spoke to ChrisOsaMedia on the ground of anonymity, disclosed to us that some of the Commissioners who had initially concluded plans to resign their respective positions are now scared, as a result of this, they are already considering having a second thought and temporarily play along with the Governor until their actions becomes harmless.


ChrisOsaMedia has earlier confirmed that the Governor have sent Police, DSS and thugs to the home of Taiwo Akerele his former COS who recently resigned, this action by the Governor is obviously to set example and intimidate other appointees of his who plans to resign

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