Obi Cubana host his Old classmates after 30 Years

Billionaire businessman, Obi Cubana, has hosted his Dennis Memorial Grammar School classmates in his home in Anambra States.


Sharing photos of their reunion in an Instagram post on Monday, he said; “Was a good feeling hosting you guys, my classmates at Dennis Memorial Grammar School (DMGS), class of 92!

“Haven’t seen most of us in exactly 30yrs!!


“Meeting some of you, your wives/kids within short notice, such a goodfeeling!!



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“2022 is a good year!!!💃”

Obi Cubana host his Old classmates after 30 Years
Obi Cubana host his Old classmates after 30 Years

Obi Cubana host his Old classmates after 30 YearsObi Cubana host his Old classmates after 30 Years

In late 2021, Obi Iyiegbu simply known as Obi Cubana, after a short meeting promised to host all his old class mate of Dennis Memorial Grammar School to a feast in Abuja, he even promised to cover the cost if need been, but based on convenience it was later hosted in Anambra state.

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Meanwhile, for his NewYear resolution, Mr Cubana have promised to “Focus on God and exercise more.”


He made this known via his social media page in a statement titled “New year “reflections”.

It reads;

“Hello my fellow Nigerian youths.

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I officially welcome you to the 1st #mondaywisdombyobicubana this year 2022!

I believe some of us are back to base & to our different activities.


I love New Years and new beginnings. It’s full of possibilities, planning and great expectations. But before we delve into the new year, we should go through some “reflective” questions to enable us navigate through the year. The new year gives us an opportunity for reflection.


One of our greatest opportunities for growth & change is in reflecting on the lessons of our past. This ability to reflect & learn helps us build courage and find success.


A few days ago, I woke up reminiscing on the events of 2021, the challenges, the wins, the losses etc. I thought about what worked & what didn’t work & what I’d like to do better with in the coming year.


Here are few of the things I reflected on;
1) The goals l crushed in 2021. My biggest accomplishments..some goals turned out easy but some came with unanticipated struggle but still I am grateful for the wins.


2) The Goals am still working on. Not every goal gets achieved in 12 months. How is it progressing? I needed to know this to know where to focus more on.


3) My relationship with both family and friends & how to make it better…The connections made over the years. The people that were instrumental to my success & happiness. I am big on relationships and I don’t take it for granted.


4) My priorities. What were my priorities in 2021 & how has time changed it?

5) Changes I would’ve made in the past year. Of course there were things I would’ve done differently if the clock were to go back.


6) My biggest challenges. How did l handle them & what did it teach me? Am I more equipped to handle them this year if it comes again?


7) My biggest fear & what I learnt about it? Remember that when we face our fears, we become stronger.


8) My FOCUS last year. Will i change my focus this year or stick with last year?


9) My general well-being…mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially…I need to do better and get some rest. Do medical check ups. Focus on God and exercise more.

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