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Ogun Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho invitation and Dapo Abiodun denial

Ogun Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho invitation and Dapo Abiodun denial

Yoruba activist and frontier of the Oduduwa Republic, Sunday Igboho arrived Abeokuta, Ogun State capital on Monday to flush out the bad eggs amidst Fulani Herdsmen.

Igboho was seen with fractured hand and local bullet proof upon his arrival.

Ogun Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho invitation and Dapo Abiodun denial

He was received by a mammoth crowd who were singing his praise.

Recall that the popular liberator had earlier promised to visit ogun state, after getting the nod of Ogun state governor, Dapo Abiodun.


Remmy Hazzan, Special Adviser on Public Communications to Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, had earlier said Igboho, was welcome in the state.

He was quoted as saying, “Anybody who is hoping to help us with the security situation is welcome. Not only Sunday Igboho, whoever has what it takes to help us get security right is welcome in Ogun State.”

On Monday, Igboho, when speaking with journalists, revealed that he was going to Yewa North Local Government Area in Ogun State, a place believed to be under siege from Fulani herdsmen.

Addressing the crowd that gathered to speak with him at Oja Odan, Igboho said, “We have come to Ogun State to rescue our people from the activities of Fulani herdsmen.

Ogun Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho invitation and Dapo Abiodun denial

“We learnt that Fulani kidnappers are disturbing our people in this state; kidnapping them, raping them. This is our land, this is our nation, Yoruba nation, enough is enough, we don’t want Fulani kidnappers anymore.

“The Ogun State government invited us and that’s because the government is good. The governor of this state is a good man; he has shown that he loves his people. He knows that the poor are suffering and is ready to protect them. He identified that the same people he is governing over are those that are being killed and kidnapped.

“Our people can’t come home; the kidnappers have made our expressways unsafe for us. All the elders of Yorubaland and every one of us; we are not happy with what is happening. We are going into the bush to see those who are threatening our people. We don’t want herdsmen again; we want to send them away.”


Same day, the Ogun state government denied inviting Sunday Igboho to help in evicting herdsmen in the state.

Ogun Killer Herdsmen: Sunday Igboho invitation and Dapo Abiodun denial

The state Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun denied Sunday Igboho through a statement released through the office of the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Abdulwaheed odusile.

He said that the state government will do everything possible to ensure that peace and progress is archived in the state.

Abdulwaheed odusile stated that the state government will never endorse or welcome any initiative that amounts to self-help. He also said that the state government will never support any initiative that goes against the dictates of the Nigerian constitution.

He added that the state government can only support constitutionally sanctioned means to fight crimes in Ogun state.

The Commissioner also said that the state government will only work with institutions recognized by the constitution to fight crime and protect lives and properties.

In the statement, Commissioner Odusile said, “In the interview, Hon Hazzan had said that the state government, in its usual inclusive approach to governance, would continue to work with all the stakeholders, both within and outside the state, to ensure security of lives and properties.

‘’Sadly, however, this statement was disingenuously twisted to mean that the State had invited Adeyemo to help curb insecurity. This is regrettable and totally misleading.

“Prince Dapo Abiodun’s administration, since inception, has been known to be inclusive in its approach, always collaborating and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

“Security is no exception, resulting in the achievement of the enviable status and recognition as most secure state in the country by many organisations.”

He added: “For avoidance of doubt, Ogun State Government will continue to deploy all constitutionally sanctioned means to fight crimes and criminals in the state, including working with institutions that the constitution and other statutes have saddled with the responsibility of protection of lives and properties.

“At all times, the Government will ensure that all security agencies and indeed all stakeholders operate within the ambit of the law and will neither welcome nor endorse any initiative that amounts to self-help or is outside the contemplation of the constitution, which is the ground norm binding on all governments and persons in the country.”

Sunday Igboho had also evicted Fulani herdsmen in Ibarapa community, Oyo state after he received distress calls from the residents about how the herders have been terrorizing them in Ogun state.

Interestingly, major deaths in Ogun state is not just by Fulani Herdsmen but also by men of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS).

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