Ojodu School Tragedy: I panicked when I saw my son’s shoe at the scene — Survivor’s mother

Ezejiofor Grace, the mother of 17-year-old student of Ojodu Grammar School, Ezejiofor Wisdom, a survivor of the Tuesday’s accident that claimed the lives of several schoolchildren, has revealed that she almost collapsed when she saw her son’s shoe at the scene of the accident.


Wisdom is currently receiving medical attention at God’s Apple Hospital, following injuries he sustained when a truck rammed into schoolchildren returning from school at Ojodu Grammar School Bus Stop, along Ogba-Ojodu Berger Road, Lagos on Tuesday.


Speaking to Vanguard on Wednesday, Ezejiofor Grace said: “I was in my shop when my daughter, who is in SS2, called to inform me of the accident involving a truck.


She said she doesn’t know if Wisdom her brother was alive. Immediately, I left my shop, jumped on a commercial motorcycle and everywhere was blocked because of the accident.

“When I got to the scene, I saw my son’s shoe and I screamed and said my son is among the victims.


“I was shouting and saying I want to see my son, where did they keep them? People at the scene were asking me to calm down.


“I was still at the scene when my daughter called and gave me the hospital’s location.


“He’s alive!


“Immediately I got here, I saw that they were already attending to him. He sustained some injuries to his side, leg and waist.


“We have paid an initial deposit of N15,000 to the hospital. They have done X-ray and they said he has injuries in his waist and they would monitor him, because he limps when he walks.


“The hospital has been treating him since morning. When the doctor asked him how he was he responded fine. He is getting better now.


“There have been a lot of people who have visited, both the local government chairman, the Commissioner for Education, principal and teachers.

They didn’t ask me anything, they only told me to calm down and that everything will be okay.”

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Govt official promised to take care of the bills — Another victim’s parents reveal

Ironically, despite the special appearance by the local government chairman and the Commissioner for Education at the hospital, Vanguard learned that no financial assistance had been provided to any of the victims.


Mr. Francis, father of another survivor Akinkunmi Usain, who is also receiving treatment at the hospital, said his son was getting better.


Akinkunmi, who is in JSS 2, is also 12 years old.


We have paid N30,000 initial deposits to the hospital. I am an Uber driver. It was my younger sister that called to inform me of the accident.


God so kind I was coming from Alausa when I received the call that my son had been involved in an accident.


“So I quickly navigated to the scene. My son attends Omole Junior Grammar School.


The school’s principal and teachers have come to the hospital to see my son. The local government chairman also came this morning (Wednesday).”

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