Okada Ban: Why Okada Must Leave South-West Nigeria

Okada must go now, Shotobi, others tell Sanwo-Olu

Okada Ban: I picked this from another forum. It is scary and I want us to be aware of the contents and be proactive. Anybody with contrary information should avail us of it.


Here is an account from a very primary source still on security. Your opinion

“I think am in total support of your analysis on on this Okada ban based on my discussion with my gateman Malam who gave me more insight into the activities of these Okada riders.

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1. He told me that most of the riders in Lekki are Shite members and most have stickers of El Zaky Zaky on their Okadas. He also told me once he sees the sticker, he would not take the bike again and look for another one. He went further that once the Riders see anyone who can identify them, they would avoid that street or route.

2. He also told me there are other 2 – 3 groups also in Lagos / Lekki axis who could only be identified with the way they pray completely different form the normal prayers and these ones he opined are more dangerous than the Shite Group but if you don’t know, you will never know because they hide their identities a lot.


3 . He also said they are coming to Lagos en mass and gathering momentum to enable them do the kind of things they practice in Kaduna, Kano etc. He also told me their new concentration bases are Lagos and Kwara for now. I was amazed with the information I got from him to the extent that its their Sponsors that provide all the Okadas for them so that their base in Lagos will be strong enough to unleash mayhem….. I can now understand why Landlords in Lekki are shouting on the level of insecurity.

Operation Amotekun is a good development but if we fail to curtail the influx of these people posing as Okada riders then we are in for a timebomb that could explode an moment from now and that’s why am in total support of this ban.


Most importantly, step on security is Intelligence with less noise in the social media. Just imagine the amount of information I gathered from common Mallam and henceforth I will be engaging him more.

For this action from Lagos State, I do hope more states in SW, will look inwards more because “Ehinkule lota wa, Ile ni aseni ngbe”. The influx of these people must the tackled with full force.


May Gods protection never depart from our Households IJN”.

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