Ololade Ibrahim speaks with ELLE UK on Commodifying Ethnicity in Modelling.

Ololade Ibrahim rocks with ELLE UK

Nigeria international model, Ololade Ibrahim has shared her thought with ELLE UK on not “Commodifying Ethnicity in Modelling.”

Ololade Ibrahim rocks with ELLE UK

Ololade Ibrahim comes again rocking it for ELLE UK, a fashion magazine based in the United Kingdom, while also sharing her thoughts on the challenges African models go through. Another breakthrough for her career as an international model.

With modeling considered a ticket to prosperity, most African models just dabble into the industry without thinking or having an idea of what is expected of them.

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With years of experience and various training, Ololade Ibrahim and other models like – Queen Onyemaechi and Jumbo Janet, from Raw Model, Shanelle Nyasiase and Mayowa Nicholas, have been able to defile this jinx, opening doors of experience for other African models, especially in Nigeria.

The act of Commodifying Ethnicity in Modelling also goes a long way to country’s fashion sense and development – how many African countries recognise modelling and pay what its worth.

Ololade Ibrahim rocks with ELLE UK

Models who want to be models, go the extra mile to maintain body shape, diet, skin colour and so on, yet like Miss Ibrahim is signed to one of the biggest modeling groups – “Select in London” and URBN Models in Milan, and all she has achieved in a short time, many still face challenges on recognition.

This is why Ololade Ibrahim is always hungry to introduce herself wherever she finds her self and hopes oneday to be introduced by the lot.

Like ELLE well stated in it’s Feature – “Where In The World,” most of models in the world now are from Nigeria, South Sudan and Ethiopia – Tall, Thin and High-cheeked-bone beautiful quality girls and with these runway queens generating so much for scouters, agencies and designers, its important they are giving the smallest of all virtues – RESPECT.

Ololade Ibrahim rocks with ELLE UK

All through 2019, there’s been no dulling moment from the world of Fashion as Ololade Ibrahim keeps giving us the best with different fashion taste and we’ve been getting it in excess since 2018 and it seems Miss Ibrahim decided to keep our head up for twelve months straight.

Meanwhile, with agents like Tamborin, Isiorho and Queen – who have made it their life’s work to support these girl’s careers and the wider African industry – there is every reason to believe a lasting change will come.


On Twitter, Miss Ibrahim Tweeted:

I can say, based on experiences and news that almost every black model has experienced racism in one way or the other, some choose to keep it while some choose to share it.
To African models who have been keeping it real thank you #onelove


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