#BBNaija : On Brighto using Dorathy to catch Cruise

On Brighto using Dorathy to catch Cruise

Do you think Brighto likes Dorathy or he’s just using us to catch cruise? Even though it seems our resident relationship counselor is in love.



Day 23: ‘Brighto said he loves me,’ Dorathy

Dorathy opened the gist tap by telling Lucy what transpired at the Saturday Night Party with Brighto. Remember when Ebuka scattered all the tables on Sunday, well Brighto was asked on his opinion about the Dorathy, Ozo and Nengi entanglement, to which he affirmed that it was a triangle and also claimed that Dorathy has some feelings for Ozo. Of course, Dorathy was triggered by his response, especially seeing that she has tried to make it clear that she has no feelings for Ozo, outside of casual friendship.


While we kept wondering why Brighto felt the need to go apologize to Dorathy for stating his opinion to Ebuka, Dorathy confirmed the reason in her conversation with Lucy. According to her, she and Brighto had a moment at the party where she told him, “I feel like kissing you.” To which Brighto replied asking where that was coming from and she said she doesn’t know.


On Brighto using Dorathy to catch Cruise
#BBNaija : On Brighto using Dorathy to catch Cruise

On Sunday when Brighto approached Dorathy to apologize, he brought up this moment that happened between them on Saturday saying, “I didn’t think you were serious, I just thought you were under the influence of alcohol.”

Lucy’s reaction was the expression we all had when we heard Dorathy spill the tea. Dorathy then defended herself by saying she only just felt like kissing Brighto but there are no feelings attached. Dorathy then went ahead with this gist and it got hotter.

“He told me he told Biggie in the Diary Room that he is in love with me but I don’t know if it’s because I brought up the kiss or he actually meant it,” Dorathy continued. She went ahead to tell Lucy that she and Brighto both agreed that they were not all about that eating together, holding hands PDAs that the Lockdown couples often do. After, she spilled some more tea on what happened last night.


Apparently, while on her way to take a bath, Brighto asked if he could join and she played along by agreeing.


Dorathy also revealed that she saw Wathoni leaving their room to go to Brighto’s and at that moment, she knew that she wasn’t up for no man drama. As if almost realizing something, she said, “Brighto is trying to play a game and I’m just watching.”


On to the next gist…

The hottest fight yet…

Still on the hammock (which lowkey appears to be the gist hub for the Lockdown Housemates), Lucy brought up the fight that happened the second after the Live Eviction Show and kept us with our mouths open all through.


In this conversation, Lucy maintained her point on not referring to Nengi while she was soliloquizing in the bathroom, but Nengi still approached her and brought up the fight. She went ahead to say she apologized to Nengi but Nengi was still “carrying face for her”. She then told Dorathy that she wasn’t even angry at Nengi initially, but at Ozo for coming to calm her down when in fact, the fight didn’t originate from her.

The gist then leaned towards the Ozo/Dorathy/Nengi triangle and Lucy said that Dorathy should remove herself from the equation. She said this was what caused the fight between herself and Lucy until it became more personal and she said she wondered why Nengi would think she didn’t have the courage to say anything to her face. “Her new target was Evicted on Sunday and she was looking for the next move. I only feel bad for Prince because he was falling and he’s my friend,” she said

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