Delta Risks Total Collapse By 2023 If … – Gbagi



by Zik Gbemre


With the recent television interview by Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, a former Minister of State for Education and Gubernatorial candidate for Delta State, where he noted that Chief Sheriff Oborevwori, who is pursuing gubernatorial bid in Delta State had been convicted in the past for manslaughter, we were not surprised that Gbagi would come under attack by the supporters of the supposed PDP gubernatorial candidate.


The latest attack was from a supposed Okpe Union, UK, that has reacted to the said Gbagi television interview. As they tried to refute, and defend their Okpe kinsman whom they said had never being involved and convicted over any criminal conduct.


One thing that is sure right here is the fact that all these attacks on Gbagi, which we strongly believe are from one particular source that uses different names, are not only expected, but are being dished out against Gbagi for simply exposing these persons and telling the truth as it is.


Gbagi’s offence in all of this is nothing but airing the truth, and in this case, about Sheriff Oborevwori, who is the preferred Delta State PDP Gubernatori candidate of these attackers. It was from the moment Gbagi started exposing them for who they truly are to Deltans, that all these attacks started coming.


Amongst the first set of attacks against Gbagi, was from one Jaro Egbo, who is nothing but a briefcase/charge and bail lawyer, and an errand boy to these politicians in the State. Many others like him, are all coming out every now and then under different names/titles to attack the person of Gbagi with baseless and pointless accusations and maligning.


If they claim that Gbagi has nothing to offer, then the question is, is it Sheriff that has something to offer as a supposed governor in 2023?


Those saying that they prefer Sheriff to Gbagi as Delta Gubernatorial candidate, are obviously enemies of Delta State who prefer to jeopardize the economic growth and future of the State just to satisfy their selfish interests.


Who does not know that Sheriff Oborevwori is being sponsored from Delta State’s treasury by the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and his tentacles, just to have Sheriff cover up his ‘bad record as they hand over in 2023. This is also part of what is being used to fund the PDP Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar campaign channels in the country.


It was less than two months, within which Sheriff Oborevwori, as Speaker of Delta House of Assembly, approved loans up to the tune of N175billion for Okowa, just to use to fund both Sheriff’s and Atiku’s political campaign. And apparently keep the remaining loots as usual, for themselves and families. Should one see and observe all these evils in the State and chose to remain quiet? Absolutely not!


Those who claim to be writing from the UK under a so-called Okpe Union, to rate Gbagi as unfit and a liar, should ask themselves if the likes of Sheriff will even be voted as a mere Councillor in the UK where they reside? With someone of Sheriff’s character and past record ever be considered to hold the smallest political position in the UK where they supposedly reside? Apparently not. That is how watertight and integrity-driven the governance and politics is in the United Kingdom? Not here in Delta State where they exhibit all kinds of political atrocities, and are still being praised for it. What a shame.


Mind you, I am not here to speak for, or defend Kenneth Gbagi. But my aim is to learn to tell ourselves the raw truth, and do so with the intention of ensuring good governance in Delta State. Which has eluded us since 1999 till date.


There is no comparison between Sheriff Oborevwori and Kenneth Gbagi in all ramifications.

This group who claim to be members of Okpe Union in the UK, should ask Okowa a simple question: Is Sheriff Oborevwori the most qualified Okpe person in Urhobo land that he should project as Delta gubernatorial candidate under PDP? This is because I know that in Okpe Kingdom, there are valuable politicians like Chief Ejaife Odebala and Chief James Augoye that could have been much better Delta guber candidate. Why didn’t Okowa not sponsor any of these notable politicians from Okpe Kingdom as Delta gubernatorial candidate under the PDP?


All that Okowa has succeeded in doing, is to create disunity amongst the Urhobos, and nothing more. He has done this by projecting Sheriff, who has multiple names and a bad past record. Okowa’s intention of forcing Sheriff as a Delta State gubernatorial candidate should be seen as evil.


The Urhobo elites should wise up and not allow Okowa to tear them apart. I have said my piece.


Zik Gbemre

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