Only a Thief hates Labour or insults Labourers





Today, the man without a history but who wants to President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was in Osogbo, Osun State for the grand finale of his Party’s governorship campaign, and he used that opportunity to give Nigerians some insight into his personality and philosophy in life.


Instead of telling the people of Osun State why they should reelect one of his slaves as their governor, the Bourdillon slave master used a significant part of his speech to insult hardworking and responsible Nigerians.


In a doltish attempt to denigrate the fast rising people’s revolution led by Peter Obi on the platform of the Labour, the man who is most notorious for allegedly privatizing Lagos State into his private pocket told the people of Osun that; “God will not make you labourers. They will labour till they die”.


For Tinubu, this is an insult or a curse to Labour Party supporters, but he actually exposed himself as either a thief or a lousy man who only depends on our commonwealth to eat.

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It is a popular aphorism that; “There is dignity in labour” and the scriptures of Nigeria’s two major religions affirm labourers a prominence of place.


In fact, it is only a thief, who would think that being a labourer is degrading. The Bible tells us that “He who does not LABOUR, should not eat”.


It is only because individuals like Bola Ahmed Tinubu who have been getting free monies and free food from Nigerian treasury that would talk down on hardworking Nigerians who are desirous of working out their freedom from the chains of bad governance and corruption.

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While Tinubu and his fellow lousy usurpers continue to rely on whatever evil tactics they can conjure, true Nigerian patriots are encouraged by the scriptural injunction in the Holy Quran that; “I never cause loss to the labour of a worker, be that make or female”.

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Only a Thief hates Labour or insults Labourers

Nigerians shall work, and they shall have benefits for their efforts.

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