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Only Strangers in Anambra berate Gov. Willie Obiano on Social Media

Only Strangers in Anambra berate Gov. Willie Obiano on Social Media

Those who rush to social media to write trash about Anambra State and berate Governor Willie Obiano are mostly new to the State and have refused to go through history, many of them only became politically aware from 2017, while a bunch of sadist have decided to view things from a negative prism and position of foolishness.

Security of lives and property are the bedrock of development in every society. Nigeria today is at the point of collapse as a result of insecurity, the centre can no longer hold, things are gradually falling apart Nationwide; most Nigerians now beg to see the next dawn.

Only Strangers in Anambra berate Gov. Willie Obiano on Social Media
Only Strangers in Anambra berate Gov. Willie Obiano on Social Media

Nigerian States have all lost value for human life, people are being maimed, butchered for human barbecue in many States, and kidnapped at will.

Anambra was formally Dean of criminals and high profile kidnappers. Daylight armed Robbers with heavily sophisticated weapons terrorised the State as many lost their family bread winner, loved ones, benefactors et al., to these criminal syndicates with No one capable of challenging their excesses until 2014 when Governor Willie Obiano decided to re-write the history of the State; his first point of call was the launch of “Operation Kpochapụ” and subsequent Bankrolling of all Security establishment in the State, which did the magic that a former hub of crime is now the Safest State across the Federation.

Rich and wealthy Nigerians are all relocating to Anambra, the influx of people to Anambra State in the last seven (7) years alone is mind-blowing, rough Statistics has it that Anambra had a population of about five (5) million people in 2011 with poverty and unemployment rate of 53%, in 2020, Anambra is only densely populated after Lagos State across the Federation with less than 14% poverty and unemployment rate.
Who can actually beat this?

Yet the gullible sadists have refused to acknowledge the efforts of the Governor Willie Obiano administration in protecting the lives and property of every Indigene and resident of Anambra State.

Development is a coward and doesn’t go to troubled places, Anambra has become the most sought after in terms of business investment after Lagos as a result of security of life and property, ease of doing business and the good rapport between Government and Private Sector.

In the last seven (7) years alone, Top Real Estate Experts both Local and International developers moved to Anambra State; demands for high and low income accommodations surged which gave birth to many luxury Estates Development in the State. Mud houses are almost phased out in Anambra State, half of Anambra has been urbanized while the few rural areas are fast changing.

Before now, many Anambrarians do spend their yuletide outside Anambra; in fact Enugu State was home to numerous ndị Anambra due to insecurity which affected development in the most populous Eastern State, mud houses rented every part of Anambra with just Onitsha as urban area in the State, but today, the story has changed.

Awka is not only wearing the look of a State capital but a city in transition.
Construction of a FIFA standard Stadium is almost completed in Awka, an International Conference Centre and the Anambra City Airport at Umueri will all be commissioned later this year, these are the few signature projects of the Willie Obiano Administration despite the fluctuating economy.
Willie Obiano would have opted to save the Anambra Billions in the Bank only if he had No developmental plan, vision and ideas for the State; but instead of saving in the bank he was developing every sectors simultaneously, with Security of life and property, development and advancement of human capital his top priority.

In few years from now, (only if the security and developmental template laid by Obiano led APGA isn’t altered) Anambra would become the beast of mega city and most developed across Africa.

In the meantime, the discern who can appraise without being biased knows that Governor Willie Obiano has surpassed his predecessors in the development of the State, but we are not here to juxtapose.

For Willie Obiano, leadership is a responsibility and he has continued to prove his mettle beyond cheap and blind political Incorrectness of his weak oppositions.

If the search for who takes the mantle from HE, Governor Willie Obiano has started, APGA must not be in any rush to choose just anybody; we must look for that humane who will sign a PACT to protect the lives and property of ndị Anambra like Willie Obiano did. He must be willing to invest massively in Security. We can’t afford to return to Egypt.

Be mindful who you argue with on this space, not all are informed, even the very few who should be, have chosen to remain in shackles of political epilepsy.

God bless Anambra State.
May Ala Igbo Succeed.

Dalụ nụ.
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