O’odua group lists Terrorist’s suspected targets in South West


A Pan Yoruba group has listed possible terrorist targets in South West territories.


In a statement on Thursday, Apapo O’odua Koya (AOKOYA) said its non-government driven intelligence network has identified targets the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists plan to attack in the South West states of Lagos, Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti including Kwara, Kogi, Edo and Itsekiri areas of Delta State.


The group said the South West faces threats not only from ISWAP but also from Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists in what it described as the ‘violent scramble for Nigeria.’ AOKOYA had warned last weekend of plans by ISWAP to attack Lagos. The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) later issued a statement five days after the AOKOYA warning which confirmed the warning of the Yoruba self determination.


The statement signed by two AOKOYA officials, Ahmed Akorede and Col Abiodun Sowumi (rtd) said ISWAP targets worship centres, shopping malls, tourist centres like children parks in Yorubaland, Fulani terrorists focus on kidnapping for ransom and attacks on prominent Yoruba leaders most of who represent the economic icons of the Yoruba Nation while Boko Haram focuses on Yoruba infrastructures like bridges, banks, the National Theatre, National Stadium and other key superstructure. In all, children of Oduduwa should prepare to see attacks in Churches, Shopping Malls, Bank Headquarters, BRT stations, Cocoa House in Ibadan, electricity and communication facilities, strategic assets like Oil Depots (Ore in Ondo State), Media Houses, Lagos Apapa and Tin Can Islands among others.


The group said the attacks will come in the thick hours of operations in the listed areas.


AOKOYA said the terrorists will also target Yoruba, Itsekiri political and economic leaders through abduction, assassinations, staging of artificial motor accidents, fire attacks on economic institutions that would look natural in continuation of the conscious attempt to decimate the Yoruba human resources.


“AOKOYA has raised the alarm since 2015, but too many deaf and dumb leaders are in charge of a bleeding Yoruba nation.


The group said the Nigerian Government will not help Yoruba Nation since the terrorists are fulfilling the long term ambition of a section of the current leadership from the core North. The South West territories are already invaded. The plan is to enforce a defensive war on Yoruba people.


The game is up but too many ignorant people are in authority in Yorubaland both at the political, economic and traditional levels. The lack of a vision, lack of clarity and self-interest remain the bane of many people in authority in the South West area.


The future lay in the hands of the masses to organize themselves and confront the imminent crisis without which Oduduwa Nation will be totally destroyed by stone-hearted savages.


AOKOYA said from its intelligence team, none of the terrorists groups wish to attack Mosques not so much because they admire Yoruba Muslims, but for the single intrigue to create division among Yoruba Muslims and Christians.


They hope to give false narrative that Yoruba Muslims are their allies, when in reality, the Yoruba Muslims are tolerant, liberal and progressive minded, by history, tradition and values are the mortal enemies of the terrorists just as Yoruba Christians and traditional believers are.


‘Yorubaland, the entire South West is under siege. The war is here. The masses are desperately aware but helpless. The Yoruba economic elite are not wise enough to invest in their own freedom and the safety of their wealth, they deny reality and wish to live in the illusion of their own creation while the political class lack a sense of history and are fixated on the prospect of their controlling power at the centre without a critical analysis of the prospect of a major upheaval even before or immediately after the 2023 elections.


At present, there is collective amnesia in Yorubaland,” AOKOYA said.

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