I’ve watched with knee interest how politics have been going on in Anambra state for the past 4years and I’ve come to realize that our great party Apga has changed the status quo in politics by involving everyone, both the young, the  old and handicapped.

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We even have  an SSA on handicapped people by name Hon Chuks Ezewuzi.
It’s is a welcomed development , as politics should not been done by a particular set of people or a certain class of people.   Anyone above 18 is supposed to be fully imvoved in the politics of his or her state/ constituency  and local government because at that age one should be moulding and making good plans for their future. 
Having said this, can I please pray us all  not to get carried away with our new status and turn ourselves to some kind of sad, angry, aggravated set of people or demi- gods.
Most platforms I belong to has majority of youths on it.
Future governors, President Legislators, etc ., can we please not allow ourselves to get carried away with the power and attention  given to us.
We should come together now and plan a way forward for us all especially now that the bill of not too young to run has been passed.

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Learn to respect your elders, I mean stop talking to people older than you because you got lucky to be a chairman, Secretary, youth leader, etc.

Like I tell my friends, politics is a game just like the game of “WHOT” you plan your strategy to win, hold  onto your game until you checkup.   Don’t abuse your opponent or make a fool of him or her. You are contesting for same position and its not a war zone.
I keep hearing am going to represent the people, empower them, protect them etc, and you abuse your opponent running for the same position, from same place or do I say your brother or sister because of  community relationship of the Igbos.
Whoever wins, will the person ex communicate the other opponent?
I beg us all, let’s calm down.
“bekonu Ifia bu Ife anyi, Apga bu nke anyi.” 
“Ife Nwanne na Nwanne”
Let’s go back to our old ways, the spirit of” Onye ahana Nwanyi ya”.

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Women vote right, dont vote Rice.
Remember the future of your kids depends on it.
Youths stop fighting. Your actions today, decides your tomorrow. 
Let’s join hands and choose a worthy candidate not a wealthy candidate with a bomb hidden under his mandate.
I love u all.
Hon .Princess Bibiana Nwankwo .
S.A. on community Liason
Chairperson Amp Anambra state .
Convener ,Female Youths Vanguard.
Nkea bu nke anyi kpom kwem
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