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PDP no longer controls power, the only antidotes left now is credible process and fielding of popular candidates in all elective position.

Ekiti is now history, Osun is next and the governor is owing many months salaries but i am very sure APC will still win considering the desperate situation the APC is now and the divided PDP in Osun state, today in Osun PDP is divided into SDP and PDP, Omisore of SDP is one of the major stakeholders of the and Adeleke the dancing Senator of the PDP, already the situation in Osun is not encouraging for the PDP, Buhari the president that have power and know how to use it effectively is on the throne.

Just as Dino melaye said, Regime protection is very important to the president and it seems the Inspector General of Police and the other Service Chiefs know and understand the exact body language of the Mr President.
The President is not to be blamed, Because there are antidotes to demystify incumbency.

The very day Fayose nominated his deputy to succeed him i know, fundamental error has been committed. The decision that provoked the former spokesperson of the PDP Adeyeye to leave the party followed by Senator Rasaki and others, and throughout the campaign i didn’t see much involvement of the other Senators in the PDP campaign and rally, Primary election into any political offices should be allow to take natural course, Free and Fair Primary is very IMPORTANT. 

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Since the APC Failure is becoming glaring the normal spirit of arrogance of PDP is back and the leaders go around like a demigods right from ward leaders to the National Headquarters. I see arrogance and it seems we forgotten so soon how the party lost it.  APC is having its challenges but PDP is not strategic enough to take advantage.

Lessons learnt from the past failure must be applied, The only way to whittle down incumbency is by engaging popular candidate, the era of godfatherism seems to be outdated and people should be allow to exercise their franchise, PDP must take note that Political party is not a religion but mere social club.

Why rigging failed in Anambra

Saying there is no attempt to rigged governor Willie Obiano out is a capital lie, someone said they even left Abuja here to Anambra with already prepared result, but the governor popularity outsmart that of rigging machines, he owe nobody any salaries, and he has brought a facelift to the Anambra state.
The End of Fayose: is very popular, his people love him despite salaries challenges, he is owing salaries the factor which some political analysts believe it work against his anointed candidate, Ekiti is a very poor state which so many believe that 75% of the citizens are civil servants owing them amount committing political suicide and apart from owing workers, Fayose who has strategically positioned himself to be one of the power brokers of the PDP don’t know when not to fight, his refusal to welcome the president into his state depicts every norms of civilisation and protocol, you don’t take politics personal. 

Despite political differences Obaino welcomed the president to Anambra and that action alone pleased the president who then ordered immediate resumption of security details that was initially withdrawn, Fayose is not in a very good relationship with Buhari and his continual attacks on Obasanjo despite the facts that Obasanjo is coming closer to the PDP is not strategic, Majority of Ekiti stakeholders worked against him in this election, PDP has a-lot to do as loosing 2019 election will end PDP in Nigeria, Ekiti victory a big advantage to the APC.
Usman Okai Austin
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