Gbetu TV (News They Are Not Talking About)



I listened to a leaked conversation that circulated on media about some weeks ago where Sen. Oriolowo was catching cruise with the life of a certain man, according to Mr. Oriolowo’s leaked audio, I can deduce that the person he was in conversation with, was seeking for his financial assistant on behalf of a sick man that was in hospital.

Sen. Oriolowo was pained with the financial request made by the person to the extent that he started throwing a forbidden words on the Local Government that the person came from (IWO LOCAL GOVERNMENT). Only God knows how many persons Mr. Oriolowo would have secretly abused. A man who can boldly call a whole Local Government all sorts of names despite how massive they voted for him during his bloody election that rigged him into power doesn’t deserve a single vote from them again because I wonder how far he would have gone in using their welfarism to catch cruise in the presence of his children at home.

It is a pity that Mr. Oriolowo has no respect for those that rigged him into office, he has forgotten his source and surely his political ambition shall run dry by 2023 nitori wipe, Igbagbe se Oriolowo, he has bite the finger of Osun West people, his ego had bruised, oma se ooo, Oriolowo’s character is becoming worst every seconds due to greediness of public fund.

The people of Iwo Local Government are patiently waiting for him to come and campaign for his unachievable second term ambition so they can remember him of his leaked conversation and how he has proven himself to be an ungrateful heart despite the help they rendered for him during the last election.

I hope Mr. Oriolowo is aware that the people of Osun West have totally lost hope in his failed administration and his leaked Album that was released about some weeks ago has also added salt to the unhealed injury therefore, the people of Osun West have decided to replace him with A MAN WHO HAVE SINCE LONG AGO BEEN RENDERING SELFLESS SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF OSUN WEST DESPITE HAVEN’T BEEN OPPORTUNE TO HOLD ANY POLITICAL POSITION BEFORE DUE TO EFFECT OF POLITICAL PARTY, a stitch in time for Oriolowo can never save nine, we’re watching closely!

Comr. Adekanmi Solomon Olalekan,
Ayedaade LG,

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