Oshiomhole is a political rookie! Let me tell you why!

Oshiomhole, Ex APC national chairman debunks coming back to the party 

Oshiomhole is a political rookie! Let me tell you why! – – Two days ago, the Chairman of APC Edo, Etsako Ward 10, Mr. Stephen Oshawo, led 10 members of the Ward Executive to a press briefing, insisting the National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, remains suspended.


(Yesterday), another group claiming to be members of Etsako Ward 10 Executive Members held a press and lifted the suspension of the Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole.

During the press conference, the man presiding over the meeting where they reinstated the embattled Chairman, publicly said “17 out of 26 members” before he was corrected by someone present that there are a total of 27 Ward Executive Members.

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In addition, the man said “in matters of this nature, the our Constitution provides for only a simple majority, and 17 out of 27 is a simple majority.”


I have previously stated that majority of APC members don’t know what is written in their Party’s Constitution. Let me tell you why!

Under the general rules for the conduct of meetings, Article 25 F(Xi) a. states decisions of any organ of the party shall be taken by a simple majority members present and voting, unless otherwise expressly provided by the Constitution. This is correct!

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However, Article 26 of the APC Constitution also states one-third of the members of any organ of the party shall constitute a quorum for a valid meeting, except otherwise expressly provided for in the Constitution.

Oshiomhole is a political rookie! Let me tell you why!
Oshiomhole is a political rookie!

According to Article 12 (16) of the APC Constitution, each Ward Executive Committee consists of 28 members.

Remember 11 members came out yesterday to confirmed the embattled Chairman remains suspended, while 17 met today to lift the suspension.

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Therefore, how is 17 two-third of 28 members? Is it that the Oshiomhole camp do not know what is the 2/3 of 28 members? Let’s assume the total Executive members of Etsako Ward 10 is 27 as falsely claimed by the meeting participants, they still need at least 18 members to form a quorum.


In essence, the meeting held by 17 members did not constitute a quorum per Article 26 of the APC Constitution, and is not valid. Therefore, any decisions taken in that meeting is null and void. Adams Oshiomhole remains suspended by the Party at the ward level. Period!

It is obvious that Oshiomhole and his supporters haven’t learned anything from the consequences of their illegal activities of the past. They have continued to dig themselves into a deeper political pit.

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