I have refused to be dragged into the philistinism of the ongoing political altercations having fallen short of an enlightened debate, promoted mainly, by those who are falling over themselves seeking admission into the corridors and the inner recesses of power. But I feel a pall of disappointment and blame akin to political assassination enveloping the land with the exit of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as National Chairman of our great party, the APC.


Those who stoked the fire may be seen to be celebrating but for those among them who still have a speck of humanity, they will regret our collective loss as a State in the National equation. Many of them will never tell a complete story of their lives without reference to the Comrade. I am not personally close to Comrade Oshiomhole.


I was much more closer to Governor Obaseki. But my views about each of them is completely unaffected by the level of closeness or otherwise. Everyone of us, like each them, have our strengths and weaknesses. Political battles aside, we are bonded together as citizens of Edo State, in and out of government. Sometimes, we forget how small we are in time and space!


I celebrate a man who pulled himself by the bootstrap from the bottom of the valley to the mountain top. To accomplish the seeming impossible, the unimaginable at the start of a journey is the true definition of success. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is a fulfilled family man by any standard, by any measure! He departed home determined to eke a living, acquired a skill in order to genuinely contribute to the economy, got himself recognized by excellence, got assigned with higher responsibility of negotiating better working conditions for staff, formally educated on labor matters, rose through the ranks and became national President of the NLC. God was not done yet. He made him Governor and National Chairman of a ruling party. He is a family with his children educated as professional in various fields including medicine. What else can a man ask for? Congratulations Sir!


Many of Comrade Oshiomhole critics went abroad to acquire education but came back home with little or nothing. Those who were able to come home with good education failed to fly beyond the ordinary. If they have not done well with the opportunities that came your way, you cannot blame Oshiomhole for washing his hands clean in order to dine with Kings and Presidents globally! If we don’t celebrate great achievers, we send wrong signals to young people that hard work is worthless. That is not true! Everyone, poor or rich should extol hard work, resilience and fighting spirit.

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At the national level, the system is rigged and tangled. Since, 1999, the two major parties have experienced high turnover of party leadership. Contriving conspiracies as soon as the conservative oligarchy in control of power are not getting their biddings done has become a pastime. A candid and sober deconstruction of Nigerian politics reveals a complex web of internal contradictions. We are too scared as a people to admit the fault lines and we have turned a blind eye to the recommendations of summits that proffered solutions to these contradictions. We have shamelessly continued to pretend to the World that Nigeria is a federation of many nations but we run unitary government with powers over the nations resources and everything else centralized. Our democracy is practically an oligarchy. The economy rest on a single commodity in a country blessed with huge agricultural and solid minerals potentials.


Worse of all, our politics is shackled and tangled by propaganda and subterfuge in order to disguise the reality. States are manipulated by demonic arrivistes and opportunists, and the feet of the fickle minded are swept off the ground by the fleeting whirlwind designed to fortify the validity of falsehood being peddled around. What started in Edo State and hijacked by agents of the oligarchy in Abuja is a piece of poisonous art of the boubourns on the canvas. Let the gullible have a bite of the poisonous apple! But I am personally satisfied by the leadership talent, competence, courage and patriotism that Comrade Oshiomhole deployed in office as National Chairman.


He did not fail to act and speak boldly when it mattered most. He had a philosophy and clear convictions. And so, he was never afraid to take a firm position on any issue. His failure in managing crises more effectively is directly traceable to our collective failure to manage the internal contradictions inherent in our diversity and heterogeneity.

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The great Comrade, Welcome back home! As Governor, you changed the landscape of Benin City, the ancient capital into a place of pride. The State was set on a path of overtaking her peers in modern infrastructure. The streets were well lit at night.


What you accomplished across the three Senatorial Districts and in the uncharted Okpekpe hills and the forgotten land of many communities is phenomenal.


Congratulations for offloading the crushing weight of an ideologically empty national political burden!

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