Oshiomhole’s Jankara Judgement

Oshiomhole's Jankara Judgement

Only a court of higher jurisdiction (in Oshiomhole’s case, an Appeal Court) can set aside an interlocutory injunction.


Oshiomhole has only secured what is termed a ‘Jankara judgement’ in Nigerian legallese. This can never hold sway.


Oshiomhole is once again displaying his proclivity towards disregarding the laws of the land and causing confusion. Unfortunately, he is also by these acts dragging the good name of the All Progressives Congress into disrepute.


At the end, this macabre dance of his can only lead to a major whiplashing on him from the Judiciary.


Meanwhile, we will be waiting for him to go back and resume at the APC Secretariat on the strenght of this Jankara judgement.

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