Osun: Hon. Oyeyemi urges Parent to give their Children Quality Education

Hon Bisola Oyeyemi Halimat

After an educational-talk forum with parent on Sunday, 30th June, Local Government parliamentarian in Oshogbo, Osun state, Hon Bisola Oyeyemi Halimat urged parent to give their children quality education.

Hon. Bisola Oyeyemi, while speaking with journalists, said that by giving children quality education, there is assurance of better future and development of society.

“We should encourage our future of tomorrow, let’s give our children reasons and beautiful things that future holds if they are educated.”

”As a parent let’s observe and guide them when its time to choose careers which will assist them to perform credibly when they start working in the future.”

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The Councillor representing ward 7 in Olorunda Local Government further stressed the importance of education, noting that there is need for parents to let their children know the advantages of education and encouraging them to work towards their goals.

Oyeyemi further suggested that vocational training can help the study of the young ones and boost economic of the society if it can be added to academic curriculum.

“Knowledge is power which everyone needs to possess as education is very popular in western Nigeria and we must all give our children standard education,” she says.

She also Non Governmental Organizations, Social groups to be involved in empowering youths through vocational training in order to reduce social vices and thuggery in the society.

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