Osun State update on Coronavirus – 5th April, 2020.

Osun State update on Coronavirus - 5th April, 2020.



Gentlemen of the Press,


I welcome you all to this press briefing, which we have convened to give you an update on our management of the Coronavirus disease in our State.

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As you are all aware, we recorded the first Covid-19 case in Osun on the 25th of March, which was confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). The case is a returnee from the United Kingdom (UK), who voluntarily submitted himself for testing and treatment.


Sadly, between then and now, the number of Covid-19 cases in Osun has risen to 20. The reason for the increased incidence of cases is known to you and members of the public.


You will recall that last week, we received about 127 returnees from Ivory Coast, who came into the country through Ogun state border, where they were allowed entry and escorted by security officials from Ogun State to Osun.


Upon their arrival in the State, as a proactive measure, we immediately quarantined them at an isolation centre in Ejigbo. We later discovered upon profiling that some of these returnees are indigenes and residents of other states such as Oyo, Lagos, Ogun, Imo, Edo, Delta and Abia among others.


Of the 127 isolated and tested returnees, 17 tested positive for Coronavirus while 110 returned negative. Of the 17, we also have persons from other states.


As expected, the arrival of these 127 returnees to the State has generated concerns, insinuations and misinformation in the public sphere, including false stories of escape by some of the returnees and poor state of the isolation centre, despite our efforts to give timely update of the situation to the general public via state-wide broadcast, press releases and other communication channels.


As we had earlier indicated in a press release, all the returnees who tested positive are intact at our facility and are undergoing adequate and proper treatment at our care centre and are all stable. We are hopeful that they will soon recover safely from the virus and rejoin their families.


The 109 whose results came back negative have been released to join their families. Among them are: 11 to Oyo State, two are going to Lagos State, One to Ogun State, three each to Edo and Abia states, four to Delta State and one to Imo State while 85 will remain here in Osun.


They have been advised to observe all the prescribed safety and preventive measures and to call our helplines if they start to feel unwell.


The emergency line remains: 293.

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The current number of index cases that the State of Osun has recorded was a domino effect of Government’s responsiveness and proactive interception of what would have resulted in a national distress.


The effect of our intervention convinced us that we took the right decision, because if the returnees had been released into their various states, tracing them and their contacts would have been difficult and the implications would have been catastrophic for our State, those other states and indeed the entire nation.


Considering our perculiar circumstance, there is the urgent need for the Federal Government to assist us in our efforts to contain the spread of the virus.


Our call is predicated on the fact that some of the samples that were tested indicated high level of viral loads, suggesting a strong capability to infect massively if necessary measures are not taken.


To our people in Osun, rest assured that what we have is not a case of community transmission, but of infection within a controlled group; one which we are actively and effectively addressing.


As a way of cushioning the hardships accruing from the inevitable lockdown in the State, which we imposed during the course of the progressive surge in the number of confirmed index cases, we have constituted a 21-man Food and Relief committee, comprising eminent sons and daughters of Osun.


I am happy to note that the committee which was saddled with the task of working out modalities to cushion the effects of the state-wide lockdown on our people, has since swung into action.


The strategy for delivering relief materials to our people is being worked out and will soon be rolled out. We are determined to ensure that the relief packages get to the people who deserve them the most.


We would like our people to know that Coronavirus is our common enemy. It poses a threat to our lives and livelihood. We therefore, appeal to our citizens and the general public to cooperate with us to tame this deadly virus. We put ourselves, our families and livelihood in jeopardy when we pander to ignorance and play politics with a life-snuffing virus.


We call on citizens not to panic, but to obey the orders of the government to stay at home and stay safe.


I deeply appreciate our health officials, volunteers and security agencies who have been up and doing at personal costs during these trying times.


I also commend our people for their obedience of the ongoing sit-at-home order.


I thank you, Gentlemen of the Press, for your understanding and unquantifiable support, always.


God bless.

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