PDP: How Hundreds of Billions was squandered by Kwara APC

The Kwara state Peoples Democratic party (PDP) are vindicated by the Kwara Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) publication showing the revenue generation agency generated Twenty Three Billion, four hundred and sixty million Naira (N23.46B) for nine months from January to September 2022. The revenue agency also published that it generated one hundred Billion, six hundred and eighty million Naira (N100.68B) from 2019 to September 15th 2022.


Till date Kwara state has received over two hundred Billion Naira (+-N200B) from the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) since 2019. The inept Kwara state APC party regime has also accessed over Forty six Billion in loans, not to mention various grants from both foriegn and local donor agencies. We must not forget about the Five Billion and two hundred million Naira (N5.2B) seized from a legitimate Kwara Government which was legally and Democratically in power, before the end of it’s tenure by the former Ilorin zonal head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Isyaku Sharu.


We at the PDP have always maintained that the Mediocre All Progressives Congress APC party regime led by Mal Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq lacked innovative and creative ideas. We are clearly vindicated by the above unprecedented figures of hundreds of billions generated internally by the KWIRS, the FAAC allocation to Kwara state, various grants and the huge loans obtained by the incompetent APC party regime, for a period of just over three years in power.


Since the inauguration of this unfortunate Kwara state APC regime in May 2019, Kwarans have been inaundated by news of various sleazy, allegations of graft and contract padding against the Kwara APC party regime. We have seen wasteful white elephant and elitist projects, which are incomplete even after over three years. We have seen various state programs that were money wasting jamborees. Examples include but are not limited to; “Breaking the glass ceiling” political jamboree. Various all expenses paid trips abroad for Government officials, where investors are allegedly being sort. No foreign direct investment has come to Kwara state till today after all the wasteful trips. We all remember the now infamous jamboree trip to an African country, where the Kwara State House of Assembly Members (KWHA) wastefuly lavished close to half a billion Naira.


Rather unfortunately, the Kwara APC party regime is in cahoots with the KWHA, and they have refused vehemently to pass the freedom of information bill (FOI Bill) for over three years. This is the law that would have allowed Kwarans to ask questions legally about the state’s financial (mis)management and how Kwara resources are being spent recklessly.


The immediate past Administration that established the KWIRS, gave Kwarans monthly briefings about revenue and expected expenditure. Sadly this great innovation has become a forgotten memory. The current APC party regime has shrouded all state revenue and expenditure in secrecy. Kwarans have been relegated to minuscule and badly stage managed information on state revenue and expenditure as released by paid state agents and media e-rats.

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In conclusion, we at the PDP wonder after all the massive inflow of hundreds of billion Naira in to Kwara state coffers, why Kwarans have to endure hardships of collapsed infrastructure, collapsed social and environmental services, pothole riddled roads, unpaid seven months salaries of Kwara state workers in Harmony holdings (Kwara hotels), lack of serviceable vehicles at Kwara Express, lack of diagnostic test equipment at the Harmony Advanced Diagnostic center and lack of serious empowerment initiatives for our youths. Not to mention the comatose state of Kwara state agriculture. We are also concerned about the lack of adequate support for our security personnel and the lackluster treatment of our hardworking civil servants.

One would have expected the economy of Kwara state to reap bountifully from the multiplier effects of such humongous income into Kwara state, however we only see poverty and harsh disparity. This means that graft and capital flight is the order of the day in Kwara state.


Kwara state deserves better.
God bless Kwara state. Amen.

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Prince Tunji Moronfoye.
Kwara state PDP Publicity Secretary.

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