People in these 4 Zodiac Signs always blindly ignore cheating signs

Zodiac Signs for Soft Hearts: It is believed that the worst thing one can do to an unsuspecting and loyal heart is to cheat on them. Such a betrayal is hard to stomach, but there are some zodiac signs who prefer to be blind to cases of infidelity from their partner. Even when faced with hard evidence, they shake their heads in derision and hold their faith firm in the partner.


Pinkvilla analyses them in details. Take a look at who they are-



If there was ever a zodiac sign who had implicit faith in their partner, it would be a Taurus. While these earth signs are apprehensive about trusting the partners at the beginning; once they commit to their lovers, it is impossible to shake their faith them. They will blindly ignore signs of cheating purely because they put their partners on a pedestal.



A Libra in love becomes completely occupied as they take care of every member of their new family post marriage. Sometimes you can accuse them of forgetting the intimacy that they need with their partner. Hence the spouse tends to feel lonely. While this is no excuse for infidelity, a Libra is often pre-occupied in the daily routine and cannot spot signs that reveal their partner is having an affair with someone outside the marriage.



When in love a Sagittarius is a fire sign who believes they live in a bubble with their partner. They do not believe the hearts of themselves or their partners are accessible by anyone outside the bubble. Yet, the treacherous nature of the human heart is prone to infidelity, so their partners may cheat. But the loyal Sagittarius will ignore all the times their partner stays late at work or has suspicious ‘overnight work trips’ with a co-worker all because they trust them.



Virgo has a meticulous nature and tends to criticize their partners in a very harsh manner. The constant nagging and reproach can get a little much for their partners, who may look for love outside the marriage. However, Virgos themselves are pure hearted and they do not fathom the possibility of the fact that their mate may disrespect them enough to cheat on them. They are happy to ignore warning signs and blindly trust their lovers.



Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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