Peter Obi And The Moral Burden Of His Ezu Ritual Killings. (Part 1)

In Anambra State, we cannot forgot in a hurry the murder of hundreds of our active generation by a cold blooded murderer as Chief Peter Obi at Ezu river. A master of the more you look, the less you see. A man who will tell you to run when you are suppose to sit and enjoy. A man who wears one shoe for thirty years, one wrist watch for twenty five years and one pant for forty years. A pretender of the highest level. A man who disown his only son and banished him to Venezuela because he has the effrontery to tell him to his face to own up to his massacre and murder for ritual of Innocent Biafrans at Ezu river.

Today, the 31st day of August, we mark the most cruel murder of over one hundred young and energetic ndi Anambra who were tortured, defiled and murdered and their flesh dumped at Ezu river without their vital organs for rituals by Peter Obi. Today, our heart bleeds for the dependants of the victims of the Ezu River massacre. Young boys and girls who died because an emperor, Peter Obi need human parts for rituals at his in-laws Olumba Olumba coven.


I know the feeling of young Igbos whenever this matter comes up. The Ezu mass murder defines who Peter Obi is. It defined his deep rooted quest to be the richest and popular Igbo man of this generation. Such wanton carnage just for ritual in his in-laws ritualist Olumba Olumba den is the biggest ever seen in the history of Anambra State. Never has a man submitted hundreds of human livers, hearts, eyes, testicles and kidneys for rituals.

He covered the mass murder with executive power and within days, the remains of these young men and women disappeared from the river. The autopsy was stage managed because there is absolutely nothing to test or check.


Peter Obi will forever carry the burden of this ritual and as this world and mankind liveth, nature and God will pay Peter Obi a natural visit of KAMA. He will feel what the wives, kids and families of the murdered are feeling. He will gnash his teeth and ask for water but will not see it. Time shall come when he will confess to the murder of our children. Achalla lost three of our sons to the sensless ritual killing. I feel the pain today but Peter Obi shall feel the pain for eternity if God liveth.


Godson Nwankwo
Achalla, Awka North, Anambra State
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