Peter Obi has Conquered Opposition Propaganda

Peter Obi has Conquered Opposition Propaganda

I was in Lagos yesterday when calls started flying in from several online media houses, probing about the purported petition letter relating to HE Peter Obi’s N2 billion bribe to Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.


“What do you think?” was my response to each of the four callers, who called within an hour.

All of the four from mixed tribes and locations responded with different choices of words but summaised to mean that they didn’t believe the Labour Party presidential candidate would go such desperate. That it just isn’t in the character of the man they have observed quite closely since he declared interest to become Nigeria’s president.


“So, what else did you want from me?” I asked further.

Again, they didn’t respond in same words but they all wanted my reaction to add to what they believed.


“The Peter Obi I have known since he became governor of Anambra State wouldn’t offer anybody bribe. If at all it would ever cross his mind, he will NEVER attempt bribing the church for any purpose, private or public. He expects the church and other places of worship to live by God’s standard and impact such on the society. He does not shift in whatever he believes in, which is usually positive,” I concluded.

Anybody who watched the video of what transpired between PO and Rev Father Ejike Mbaka at the altar over four years ago, would instantly dismiss that so-called petition as trash on reading just the title.

Peter Obi has Conquered Opposition Propaganda

The only ‘bribe’ Obi can give the church is either sponsoring a worthwhile project or contributing to such project by the church, particularly any project relating to school, skill acquisition and poverty alleviation. And he never makes such gestures public.


As bad-intentioned and wicked members of the old order are in amassing propaganda against the man of the moment, I confirmed yesterday that the man we also call Okwute has conquered enemy propaganda. Nigerians know who he is, what he’s capable of and what he will never do. I was so elated after this realisation struck me. This man is a straightforward honest being who means great for any society he finds himself. People who tell lies against him usually have God to contend with.


Tai Emeka Obasi

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