Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel

Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel

Following the recent marriage between the richest and popular Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin and her heartthrob, Lateef Adegboyega Lawal, plans to destroy the blissful marriage have been exposed.


The marriage of the two lover birds have been greeted with so many controversies and untrue allegations. This reporter has embarked on an investigation where findings revealed that all the rumors and allegations is false and a means by some Lizzy’s rivals to scuttle the marriage.


Findings revealed that all the allegations and rumors which was spearheaded by one Fola is just a means by some suspected Lizzy’s rivals to destroy the new home.

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Investigation showed that Anjorin and Lawal have been in a good relationship for over 14 years before they decided to end the hide and seek game to settle down and become couple.

Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel
Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel

Investigations have shown that Fola who was at the edge of the rumour was an ex-girlfriend of Lawal. Findings showed that there was no legal agreement between Lawal and Fola. Although, Fola claimed to have children for Lawal, but the legitimacy of the children is being questioned.


A close source hinted this reporter that Lawal through his lawyer asked Fola to take those children for DNA tests, but she refused to go to the lawyer to get the N500,000 and form meant for the DNA test. It was gathered that since the DNA issue came up, Fola has gone hidden as she refuse to pick her calls or show face at Lawal’s lawyer office.


Further findings revealed that lady mentioned in the said scandal, Temitope Toba with muslim name Mariam was a niece to Lawal and not one of his baby mamas. It was even gathered that Temitope who they claimed to be Kenny in the allegation was heavily pregnant and she is already facing problem in her matrimonial home because of the allegation that was never true.


From investigations conducted by this reporter, it was gathered that there was no iota of truth in the rumour that Lizzy Anjorin snatch someone’s husband because she was the only legal wife of Lawal. Anjorin was the only woman Lawal took to the registry, all that have been circulating is fake news without any iota of truth. Findings revealed that Lawal was never legally married to anyone, not to talk of divorcing anyone. It is only Lizzy he married.

Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel
Plans To Destroy Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage Unravel

It was also learnt that Lawal has invested a lot in Lizzy for over 14 years ago. He has spent on Lizzy’s career and her welfare. It is not like Lawal is leaving his family because of Lizzy’s wealth; he has been Lizzy number one fans even when she never believe she will get to this point. He has been supportive and invested his time, love, money in the relationship. They have been together for long. He has bought countless numbers of cars for her.


Findings further revealed that Lizzy has survived so many harassment and attacks just because of the love she has for Lawal and despite that she did not leave Lawal for any of her competitors. This shows that the love between the duo is genuine and true which cannot be broken in the premises of rumor.


It was however gathered that the said Fola has been taking advantage of Lawal’s gentility and humility. He did not get married to her because she was only after his money.



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