Police Secondary School Student goes missing after Expulsion

A parent, Deji Ashiru-Balogun, has asked the Nigerian Police Force to produce his son, who is a student of the Police Secondary School, Igbo Ora, Oyo State.


The school expelled Mr Ashiru-Balogun’s son and four others last Saturday without their parents’ knowledge.


Some sources within the school told PREMIUM TIMES that the school management expelled the students after they were accused of taking illicit drugs on the school premises.

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Others, however, said the students were only involved in a phone business with a police officer within the school, an act that violates the school rules.


“What happened exactly was that one of the students bought a phone from one of the officers in the school, but he was yet to pay in full,” said a source. As the officer couldn’t wait any longer, he contracted two or three other students to help him retrieve the phone from the student who bought the phone,” a staffer in the school, who requested not to be named, said.


“The students contracted secretly picked the phone and returned it to the officer.

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“When the student who had paid a part payment for the phone was searching for the phone, his friends told him they have returned the phone to the officer. This led to a fight.


“When the authority heard of this and summoned the boys, they couldn’t say what exactly happened so they lied that the students found drugs with the boy who bought the phone. They wanted to save their faces.


“The management didn’t care to investigate this allegation. They just called a parade on that same Saturday and the students were asked to go without informing their parents.”

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Mr Ashiru-Balogun said the school management must produce his son.


As of the time of filing this report, Mr Ashiru-Balogun said he was yet to set his eyes on the boy.


He further said the school management was yet to inform him of the development or the whereabouts of his son.


The parent also said it was a reporter who called to get his reaction on the matter that made him aware of the development.


He further stressed that the school commandant has neither responded to his calls nor a text message of inquiry sent to him.

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When the school Commandant, Aliyu Yusuf, a chief superintendent of police, was called, he said he does not speak to the press, asking PT correspondent to speak with the Department of Education at the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja.


When contacted, Force Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said he wasn’t aware of the incident,

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