Police slammed after posing for Photos instead of doing their job

The West Mercia Police have gotten ‘rains of tongue lashes’ after posing for photos with 200 wedding guests and their super cars instead of fining them for breaking corona rules.


The three cops were seen kneeling on the street as wedding guests grinned behind them by their super cars in Wellington, Telford.


According to reports by Birmingham Mail, the ceremony had been held in Telford before the wedding party travelled to Birmingham – with more than 200 people packing into the five-star Crystal Plaza conference centre in the city.


The police had been called to the two day event in Telford when they posed with a at least 15 guests as well as their Rolls Royce Phantoms and Lamborghinis.

Police slammed after posing for Photos instead of doing their job
Police slammed after posing for Photos instead of doing their job

Clearing the air, Chief Supt Sue Thomas, of West Mercia Police, said: “As part of their engagement with the wedding party our officers agreed to pose for a photo.


But the problem was Social distancing.

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He said, “Disappointingly, the officers do not appear to have reminded the group of the importance of social distancing or taken such measures themselves – and they will be spoken to about this.”


Locals reported fireworks and festivities during the celebrations in Telford, Shropshire.


Birmingham is just one of the areas at risk of a local lockdown as coronavirus cases soared.

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Just this week it was revealed the West Midlands city has seen an increase in cases from 22.4 to 30.0 – with 321 new infections in seven days.


According to SUN, it’s more than double figures from a fortnight ago when 11 cases per 100,000 were recorded in the city.


According to the latest government advice, up to 30 people can attend a wedding – with that number including the couple, witnesses, guests and suppliers.


Brits have also been warned to follow social distancing guidelines where possible at wedding ceremonies.


West Mercia Police confirmed a large Asian wedding had taken place with the Safer Neighbourhood Team on duty and conducting patrols.

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