Pregnancy: I don’t want my belly to change; organs to move – Maria

Pregnancy: I don’t want my belly to change; my organs to move - Maria

Maria has decided that she doesn’t want to have children.


The Sydney 21-year-old has gone viral after declaring this on TikTok, where she shares all the reasons why having kids isn’t for her.


Maria moved through her long list of reasons she never wanted to have a baby.

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“Reasons I will not be having children. Number one, I don’t want to,” she began.


Because “I don’t want my belly to change. I don’t want my organs to move, there’s going to be something stuck in there for nine months,” she explained.


She added that she was also scared of losing hair and teeth during pregnancy as “scary things” can happen while you’re growing a baby in your belly.

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Maria also wasn’t the biggest fan of birth – describing it as a nightmare situation where you: “rip down to your a**hole and then doctors stitch you up and add an extra stitch for your husband so he can have pleasure”.


“What if I don’t like them? Kids are going to grow up, and have their own thoughts and opinions. What if they’re really annoying and I actually hate my child? What if they become an alpha male with a podcast? What do I do then?” she continued.


Maria was also worried about the “threat of a future apocalypse” – explaining that the world was a “bad place” that could run out of food in the next 25 years.

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“Do I want to worry about myself [and] a child? No… I won’t be changing my mind.”


TikTok reacts

Commenters on TikTok flocked to Maria’s video to voice their support for her choice.


Many agreed that having a child wasn’t for them – with one person describing pregnancy as the “biggest nightmare on earth” that has “literally not one single positive aspect to it”.

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One person simply said that being a parent wasn’t “worth it” for them while another commenter decided that she’d rather be the “childless fun, rich aunt”.


Maria was even supported by mums – who celebrated her choice not to have a baby.


“As a mum, you shouldn’t have had to pass the first one. ‘I don’t want to’ is a very valid reason! It’s your life and your body,” a mum shared.


“When I think about it, it’s crazy that women need to justify themselves for not wanting kids. Like men don’t need to justify. So why do we have to?!” a second parent added.


“Honestly! And I’m sick of the comments that we’ll change our mind.”

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