Prof. (Mrs) Idia Ize-Iyamu, A Blessing to Edo State

Whoever has watched the campaign activities of Professor (Mrs) Idia Ize-Iyamu, wife of APC governorship candidate, will observe that she is far ahead of the wife of the outgoing Governor Mrs Betsy Obaseki in ways too numerous to list here.


She is exceptionally intelligent, dignified yet humble , vast in the politics, culture and economy of our dear state.


She has her relatives, school mates, childhood friends amongst us.

Her eloquence is superb. So is her understanding of the SIMPLE agenda of her husband detail.


Every reasonable Edo woman has reasons to be proud of the incoming first lady.


The dignity, decency, culture and motherly love of the true Benin woman radiate in her.

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She will certainly be a role model to our female folks , young and old.


As a Professor in the medical field, she can be trusted to understand the challenges of the health sector of our state and be sincerely committed to improving it.

As a daughter of the land from a very civilize public service-oriented family, her integrity and ability to compliment the efforts of her husband in the delivery welfare packages to children and mothers is assured.

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As a daughter of one of the most accomplished technocrats, she has what it takes to compliment the efforts of her husband.


Her father, late Chief Michael Omoregie was one of the technocrats who implemented the infrastructural development program of the late Brigadier (Dr) Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia in the Ministry of Works and Transport of the old Midwestern (later) Bendel State, now Edo and Delta States.

Prof. (Mrs) Idia Ize-Iyamu, A Blessing to Edo State
Prof. (Mrs) Idia Ize-Iyamu, A Blessing to Edo State

I served under him in the Ministry of Works & Transport in the mid 70s at Abudu.

He supported my home studies.


The culture of helping the youth to succeed in life is part of their way of life.


So I can vouch for Professor (Mrs) Idia Ize-Iyamu home background.


Her parents were great disciplinarians and public servants.


So she has a heritage of patriotism, public service, integrity and a family reputation to protect.


Therefore she cannot be a chop-and-go First Lady like Betsy Obaseki.

As a full indigene of the state – mother of four promising Edo Youths, her stake in Edo State is real and genuine.


So whatever she promises to do for our state can be taken as what will be accomplished.


Unlike the outgoing Mrs Betsy Obaseki who has no cultural affinity, social or biological stake in Edo State.


For Mrs Obaseki, being wife of the governor is business.


She doesn’t even love Edo people enough to bear a child for one of their own whom she contracted as her husband.

Any wonder why most of the industrial loans she sourced from her bank for Edo State so far found their ways into the hands of investors from Rivers ( her home state), Delta and Lagos.


Edo borrowing money on interest for aliens to invest in their states!


It has been most embarrassing that Edo, the cradle of black civilization is being “ruled” by a governor and his wife both of who do not understand any of the numerous indigenous languages.


Greet your governor in Benin language, his supposed mother tongue and he would frown and respond in English or Yoruba.


Yoruba has become the official language in Edo State Government House.

It is now an offence to speak any Edo languages in the Governor’s Office.


How did Edo degenerate to become a colony of a rival ethnic nationality?


Any wonder why Obaseki does not understand Edo people enough to trust them for patronage in the award of contracts and professional services such as consultancy.


This is why most of his projects do not progress beyond MoU stage because neither the contractors nor he the client has genuine interest in the state.


He so hates Edo people that he doesn’t trust our indigenous doctors enough to manage the five star specialist hospital in Benin City, which he inherited from his predecessor.

There was even an instance where Governor Obaseki attempted to place a Benin born Professor to serve under a Yoruba consultant who was a post graduate student of the Professor.


Who would believe that Governor Obaseki could contract part of the state specialist hospital to a Lagosian who has no real stake in the health system of Edo State?


His consultants and contractors are drawn from Delta, Lagos or Rivers States where both himself and his “wife” have their investments.


When and how did we degenerate to this level of being a colony of a rival ethnic nationality?


Pastor Ize-Iyamu and Idia, his amiable wife are truly indigenous and part of us even beyond our generation through their biological children.

They are truly married both traditionally and in the Church and they are blessed with four children who are part of our future generation.


Conversely ,Godwin and Betsy Obaseki are in an unproductive contract marriage on purely business terms.


They have no stake in Edo State beyond their capitalist business interest.


Betsy is a chop-and – go first lady making money to invest in her home Rivers State, hence the do-or-die commitment of Rivers State Governor Nelson Wiked to the reelection of his sister as first lady of our state.


Why should we allow our state to become part the asset of an unproductive contract marriage?

I therefore appeal to all those who desire better life for Edo State to vote APC to enthrone Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as our truly indigenous governor.



Comrade Godwin Erhahon.




Which position is she going for?
They should have made her the candidate as she is looking more qualified than the husband considering Oshio’s finishing of the husband.

Austin Oo, APC Edo


The Yorbuba Language was brought by Osho not Obaseki mind you

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