A Christian spiritual leader and a political leader and a Doctor of Politics and Corporate Governance, Prophet Dr. Oguntuase Foluso Joshua has reacted to press statements made by Adams Oshiomhole in respect of Muslim-Muslim Joint-Ticket-pair of Tinubu and Shettima.


Prophet Oguntuase F.J. noted with pain statements numerously and severally expressed under creative commons, and in attributions of ignorance about imbalanced-faith Joint-Ticket-pair of Presidential/Vice-Presidential Candidates.




A political party reserves the right to pick any match or mismatch of Joint-Ticket-pair but it is a grave error on the path of APC to have settled for Muslim/Muslim Joint-Ticket-pair. The side-splitting effects are already destroying the party, even far-far before the actual election.



The Lord God is political, just as all the Holy Books are also political.

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  • In the very earliest creation of the earth, God created man and woman
    (present-day christians and muslims) in His own image. He entrusted to them the privilege of governance or dominion over all things on earth. This is where politics started.
  • God said He instituted all authorities for all to obey.
  • God even gives regards to rulers and politicians in positions of authorities as servants or ministers of God thereby approving politics in religion and vice-versa.
  • God said He can set up or remove any ruler ( if or not he or she is leading in godly and dignified ways.).



God is the source of all religions, and God is the author of politics and has hand in any political system. Even before conventional elections, there usually are divine elections thus enabling some prophets of God to access election results before votes are cast.


Religion is about the knowledge and worship of God, the creator of heaven and earth. through Him, laws, rules, and instructions are given about political governance processes. All institutions of authorities or governance in all the Holy Books are either allowed through democratic process, or through spiritual or divine inclination. Even in the Biblical narratives, religious-faith-balance assisted the pagan nations to speedily grow in all things as evident in the time of the Biblical Daniel.

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Politics is about aspect of living and non-living things and the governance. It is impossible to come to the knowledge of God (Religion) without first knowing about aspect of living and non-living things. In any system of governance, the interjected religious-faith are evident. e.g:-

  • Islamic political system is based on mosque-worships and Sharia’s law which is politically relevant and allowed in Nigeria Constitutions.


  • The Christian political system is based on the doctrines of Jesus which include (love, justice, peace, tolerance, truth, humility, and spiritual endowment). Thus, all these made the Bible to affirm a good Christian as the light and salt of the world (good leader).

Therefore, all political dominations operate from guidance of religion even up to court oaths.



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At the Federal level, any party/candidate in Nigeria who does not see muslims and christians as co-believers of God would not share government sensitive positions fairly. Such often settle for same religious faith joint-ticket-pairship. In Nigeria at the national level, same-faith Joint-Ticket-pair had never worked under democratic practices. Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo tried it and it failed. Late Chief MKO Abiola tried it and it also failed. If it is tried now, it will not work.


It is on note and on record that the reflection of Buhari (Muslim)/Osinbajo (Christian) partnership has earned the Vice-President to be the most loyal Vice-President both to the President and to the party (APC) ever in the history of Nigeria.


A reference is oftentimes made of ABAT (Muslim) and his wife (Christian). If the partnership has worked fine in his private life overyears, why not adopt it in APC for the sake of the progress and development of Nigeria.?
God bless Nigeria.

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