Queen Elizabeth’s burial: Why African leaders were transported in buses

Some Africans have berated the manner in which African leaders who attended the funeral ceremony of British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, were treated on Monday.


African leaders were seen being packed in a bus like schoolchildren while the United States of America president, Joe Biden was allowed to bring his convoy.


Reacting, a Twitter user, Canary Mugume said, “African Presidents attending the Queen’s burial being ferried around in a bus like high school students from my hometown Mbarara going for a trip to Didi’s world (amusement park), Kansanga.


“Why even bother to go!!!!! it’s obvious their absence wouldn’t have been noticed either way….Neo-colonisation is real, I feel sad at these images of mostly African Heads of States being carted in hired buses that are not even uniformed. What a shame,” another user, Kasera Achayo Ph.D said.


Houda Dihya also described the situation which portrayed African leaders as inferior.


He said, “Why would they even accept this kind of humiliation? It’s obvious that they seem not be of the same importance as European leaders, which is why they shouldn’t have gone there at all. Going there to mourn their colonizer? WHY?”

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Another user, The Catholic Gentlemen also added, “Those saying that this was to avoid congestion of motorcades, in 2005 pope john paul 2 was being buried in Rome over 100 presidents attended and each came with their motorcade.”


Why some world leaders were transported to the venue of Queen Elizabeth’s burial in a bus

According to the Independent, Joe Biden was granted special dispensation by the UK authorities to make use of the US-built armoured limousine for ground transportation to and from Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral for security reasons.


This is likely due to demands by the US that Biden travels via a six-car motorcade, which was granted hence the development.

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Reports also claimed that the rest of the guests were transported in buses to “ease traffic congestion”.


However, according to reports, Biden was not the only one excluded from the VIP bus ride. Others included the royal families from European countries.


Also, on the list were leaders of G7 countries, like France’s Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Emperor Naruhito, and Canada’s Justin Trudeau among others. This is also for “security reasons”.

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3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s burial: Why African leaders were transported in buses

  1. Are African leaders human being or monkeys. These are bunch of leaders who don’t know how to justify the independent given to them. They believe the life of their subjects do not matter hence the shabby treatment given to them by sane people

  2. They are bunch of idiots, who cares, they were given independent but they couldn’t maintain the peace in their own land. They were even happy inside the bus like pupils… They didn’t see things the way you views it. No brain upstairs!

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