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Railing on Third Mainland Bridge, disaster waiting to happen – Actress Kehinde Bankole

Federal and Lagos State Govt. strongly says that Third Mainland Bridge is safe
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Ace Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole, has expressed fear over the height of the railing on the Third Mainland Bridge, stating that it is a ‘disaster waiting to happen.’


The screen diva noted that due to the shortness of the railing on the bridge, one could easily trip and fall into the water especially while trying to fix a broken-down vehicle.


She stated that the government ought to have increased the height of the railing during the recent rehabilitation of the bridge by the Federal Government.

Kehinde Bankole speaks about Railing on Third Mainland Bridge

Bankole took to her verified Instagram page to reveal her fears via a video saying, “Am I the only one who finds the Third Mainland Bridge’s railings very short? Am I the only one who is weird? Maybe it is not short and I am the only one who is thinking that the railing is short? Each time I am being driven or I drive myself across the Third Mainland Bridge I always wonder that it feels that the railing on the bridge is quite short. It looks as if the railing is so short that if someone should lean on it especially while fixing a car you could trip and fall into the water by mistake.

“I am calling on the Ministry of works to do something about it. Something should be done about the railing because we use the Third Mainland Bridge a lot. I know that repairs were made on the bridge some time ago. Can the railing be made higher? That railing looks like a hazard, it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I feel we should not sit down like ducks waiting for the disaster to happen before we speak up. That Third Mainland Bridge’s railing is short.”

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